Matmatch: Materials Sourcing Made Easy

Professionals from every industry including medicine, law, and engineering have long needed to complete an arduous education and complex training due to the incredible amount of knowledge required for the job. While 20 years ago it wouldn’t be a surprise to see one of these professionals surrounded by stacks of reference books for any issue that may arise, today this image is replaced by a much more digital process.

Computers help professionals with tasks such as number crunching, bookkeeping as well as communication but with more recent technological advancements researchers are finding ways for computers to help experts support their domain of knowledge. This is why the program Matmatch was invented, a free online materials database that offers some fascinating features for engineering design and materials sourcing.

This free to use internet-based materials research software was designed with engineers and manufacturing professionals in mind. Old research methods of web searching or catalogs would only allow specialists to find a material if they knew it by name, Matmatch helps engineers discover new materials by offering a search function that lets them specify material property, function and even shape. These are all very important for those looking for a new material for a rework, prototype or design.


An excellent example of this software being used is an engineer working on a laser-cut metal jig. However, when the specialist finishes the prototype it has been found to become magnetized, which will affect the manufacturing process. The answer to this issue needs a material which can be laser cut as clearly and accurately but will not become magnetized throughout the process. This is where Matmatch comes in. All the design engineer has to do is input the proper design parameters, and the program will list examples of conforming materials to choose from.

“Raw data is not enough; we put the information into context, to help you decide and build great products. Through projects, comments and application tags you can make use of the collective experience and knowledge of the materials community and jump-start your development process.” (

Another benefit of this new technology is helping engineers that developed new materials find users without a large marketing budget. This means if someone developed a new flexible 3D printing filament material, users of Matmatch will be able to find and use the new product before the larger additive manufacturing community is even aware of its existence.

Digital communication technology has always helped with the speed of innovation and this new software is bringing that same speed to the materials sector. This program also shows the manufacturing community’s ability to work together to solve problems which will have a huge impact on the world as a whole. If you would like to try this resource for your next project, find the quick and easy program on their website.


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