New Survey Shows Manufacturing Workers Support Digital Shift

The rising presence of digital software in the economy has led to a difficult issue for manufacturers. On the one hand, the use of new technology and programs can allow for them to maximize efficiency and increase productivity. At the same time, it also raises concerns over the potential unhappiness of their traditional workforce due to concerns of being replaced. However, a new study shows that these workers may actually be supportive of the new tech.

According to Mendix, which is a Siemens business and global leader in low-code application development for the enterprise, 8 in 10 workers (or 83%) are interested in learning and applying new digital skills in the workplace. In fact, only 1 in 5 workers (18%) said that they were happy with the skills that they currently possess.

These new findings go against the belief that many in the industry had that workers would resist the increase of digitalization. Instead, it seems that many see it as a new form of strength and want to actively play a role in its integration. With how many workers reported being unsatisfied with their current skill set, it also signals to manufacturers that investing in new training may be a useful strategy to take.

Other findings in the report included that nearly 9 in 10 workers want to learn how to use low-code software development, while only 3% currently use it in their work. 78% of workers in the U.S. reported that they are willing to welcome digitalization, which is higher than the 61% who said the same in Germany. This is quite surprising, as Germany has a reputation for being a leader in skilled manufacturing. 67% of workers in the U.S. also reported that they want to help create apps which would help solve problems at work. This could be especially useful considering how prevalent smartphones are in. Manufacturers could have their workers be able to solve or report issues as soon as they come up thanks to them having the appropriate app on their phone.

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