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Graphene: 21st Century Material


  Graphene: The Material of the 21st Century Graphene is amazing. Or at least, it could be. Made from a layer of carbon one-atom thick, it’s the strongest material in the world, it’s completely flexible, and it’s more conductive than copper. Discovered just under a decade ago, the supermaterial potentially has some unbelievable applications for …

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Exporting Resources

Great resources from our professional industry guests Ryan Hollowell, and Katie Carney, and Christopher Almonte.  U.S. Department of Commerce page promoting all of our exporting activities and programs.  You can find market research reports to information on trade mission and seminars to customs and duties information. – New Jersey District Export Council.  The …

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Internet of Things: Still So Much To Understand

The  Internet of Things has been a hot topic and there has been a lot of buzz about the subject. Some call it Industry 4.0 some IoT but one thing for sure it is on everyone’s mind throughout not only the IT industry but for countless other industries as well such as manufacturing, supply chain …

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Machinists Challenge Gov Opposition, Move Closer to Unionizing Boeing’s South Carolina Plant

MFG Aerospace

Boeing’s largest union filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board Monday  to unionize 2,400 workers at the company’s airplane factory in South Carolina, setting the stage for a clash between the two sides in the strongly anti-union state. South Carolina’s government is strongly anti-union, so expect serious opposition from S.C. Governor Nikki Haley, and from Boeing itself to allow the Boeing …

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20,000 3D Printed Parts Are Currently Used on Boeing Aircraft as Patent Filing Reveals Further Plans

Two quick ways to gauge the growth of additive manufacturing within our society are to look at the number of related patent filings, as well as the number of fortune 500 companies who are putting the technology to use. The number of patent applications related to 3D printing has soared over the past decade by …

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