Pick Up The Pace

By Lewis Weiss

This article originally appeared in the November 2022 issue of FF Journal

Keeping up with change has been a full-time task for manufacturers during the past five years

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve operations and
grow their share of business. The internet can be a Niagara Falls of information, and manufacturers are standing below it with only a teacup. Manufacturing Outlook and Manufacturing Talk Radio’s audience, however, is above the falls, observing the information stream before it becomes a cascading torrent.

In 2013, All Metals & Forge Group created an industry podcast called Manufacturing Talk Radio to focus on information available to the manufacturing community. Each 30-minute show features interviews with industry experts and thought leaders on subjects pertinent to manufacturing’s future.

Reports on the manufacturing and services sectors are covered by Tim Fiore and Anthony Nieves, the committee chairs for the Manufacturing Report on Business and Services Report on Business, respectively.

Dr. Chris Kuehl, an economist with Armada Corporate Intelligence, answers questions about global economies and how they impact
the U.S., particularly manufacturing, in The Flagship Reports on the Manufacturing Talk Radio channel. Many manufacturers and vendors
to these companies have contributed to the conversation in nearly 800 interviews over the years.

AMFG also recently upgraded its 4-page newsletter, originally launched in 1989, into a digital magazine called Manufacturing
Outlook. This forward-looking, forward- thinking e-zine focuses on the future, featuring quick-read articles of around 700 words that are interspersed with in-depth analyses of industry trends predicted to have favorable or unfavorable impacts on manufacturing.

Both Manufacturing Talk Radio and Manufacturing Outlook provide industry executives with a voice to discuss and share issues in manufacturing, from policies in Washington, D.C., to technology that can increase efficiency on the factory floor. The challenges and potential outcomes of supply chain weaknesses, from raw material sources through production to downstream customers or end users, as well as other vital discussions, are conducted during in-depth interviews or insightful articles. Both forums have an open invitation to senior executives to join the conversation and help the industry.

One of the serendipities seen in this industry is the willingness of one manufacturer to help another manufacturer by sharing their experiences with processes, software, employment issues, supply chain difficulties, and how they are working to resolve these challenges, whether at an industry trade show, a phone conversation, a podcast discussion or a magazine article. Those in the industry know that the fundamental strength of America is the agility and ubiquity of its manufacturing base.

Nothing exemplified that more than manufacturing’s response to the pandemic.

AMFG manufactures high-quality seamless rolled rings with excellent tensile and yield properties for gear, bearing, aircraft engines, wind turbines and heavy machinery applications. The company can produce forged rings in diameters up to 200 in. for steel alloys and up to 80 in. for other metals, with wall thickness ranging from 2 in. and up. Industries served include aerospace and aircraft, defense, oil and gas exploration, energy and power generation, mining and tunnel boring, pulp and paper, transportation, food processing, valves and pumps, and petroleum and chemicals.

In addition to large seamless rolled rings, AMFG can produce a wide range of forged shapes, including forged bars, blocks, gear blanks, shafts, step shafts, discs, hubs and flanges as rough machined or finished machined to print. Forgings are produced to industry-standard specifications, including AISI, ASTM, AMS, API, SAE, ASME, AWS, UNS, JIS and GB in various heat-treated conditions for the customer’s desired physical and mechanical properties for their intended end use. Large, heavyweight forgings are a specialty of All Metals & Forge Group.

To further serve its customers, AMFG has also been an information provider on its website for several decades, with pages on metal melting ranges, alloy information reports, metallurgical definitions, a history of forgings, a guide on how to buy forgings, machinability ratings and much more.

Author profile: Lewis Weiss is the president and CEO of All Metals & Forge Group, Jacket Media Co and Manufacturing Outlook. n

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