Pittsburgh Solar Company Announces Completion of Solar Project in Italy

Full Tilt Energy Systems has announced that its innovative, fixed tilt racking system has been installed at a 6.2MW project in Italy. Bienergy srl, is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) based in Faenza, in northern Italy.  This is Full Tilt’s first project in Italy, and the site, located in Massa Lombarda in northeast Italy, is now fully operational.

BCI Steel, a leading, global manufacturer in the solar industry leveraged its BCI Europe team to foster the local relationship with Bienergy, while the Full Tilt team in Pittsburgh, PA  led the engineering, coordination of manufacturing, project management, and supply chain efforts.

“We first met Bienergy at the Intersolar trade show in Munich in October 2021,” said Michail Perackis, managing director of BCI Europe. “Stefano Brusa and Roberto Bianchedi immediately envisioned the benefits of our Full Tilt™ system,” continued Perackis. “They were in search of a simple, yet valuable product that could reduce installation time and labor costs. Safety for installers and our innovative Longhorn™ panel rail system were significant factors in Bienergy’s decision to select our Full Tilt system.”

From the initial intake of site information through the development of a custom, fixed tilt racking design and ultimately with the coordination of shipments to the site, collaboration between the teams at Full Tilt, BCI Europe, and Bienergy was the focus and a significant contributing factor to the project’s success.

“We are thrilled to have worked with Full Tilt and BCI Europe for the completion of our project,” said Stefano Brusa at Bienergy. “We were in search of a partner that we had confidence in and who could deliver the right solution to fit our needs. My attention was captured by the design with such few parts, fasteners, and customizable solution.  Since we had to also perform the installation, having a simple and safe product was a priority, and we have surpassed our expectations for savings with the reduced mounting time and ease. The high level of customer service was superior throughout, and we plan to collaborate again in the future.”

“We appreciate the partnership with Bienergy throughout every step of the process. The overall success validates the advantages of the unique features of our Full Tilt™ racking system.  Our team provides solutions and services that create value for our customers.  We look forward to future opportunities with Bienergy and growth of our overall portfolio of projects,” concludes Tim Jaki, President of Full Tilt Energy Systems.