Hazard Girls:
Women in Non-Traditional Fields

Host Emily Soloby, founder of Juno Jones Safety Shoes, interviews women who have successfully broken barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields. These dynamic women share their stories and advice for the next generation. Emily's goal with this podcast series is to show listeners that there are many ways to be successful - and being successful often requires hard work, community, and creativity, even when faced with adversity.


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Sn. 4, #5 Michelle Sieler Tucker: Top Mistakes Made By Business Owners

There is a distinct difference between building a sellable business and building yourself a glorified job. Returning to the show to preach the importance of starting with the end in mind and planning your exit, is the admirable Michelle Sieler Tucker. Michelle is a world-renowned expert in the field of mergers and acquisitions, and a …

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Sn. 4, #4 Rebecca Ryan: An Introduction to Futurism

Futurists are people who plan for the future by looking at trends and identifying what’s coming instead of only looking at the past. To explain more about this profession and the profound value it offers, today we are joined by Rebecca Ryan, a top 50 professional futurist, as well as an economist, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. She is also on …

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Sn. 4, #2 Kuma Roberts: Diversity beyond Tokenism

Joining us in conversation today is Kuma Roberts, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Arrowhead Consulting. Tune in to learn the difference between ‘DEI’ and ‘D and I’, and why the focus has shifted from the latter to the former. You’ll hear why everyone has something to contribute to the conversation around diversity, and how …

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Sn. 4, #1 Mollie Elkman: “The House That She Built”

A few years ago, a house in Utah was built by a team made up entirely of women. Today’s guest, Mollie Elkman, is the owner and president of Group Two, and she and her team were responsible for the sales and marketing side of the build. As the project was nearing an end, Mollie saw …

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Sn. 3, #30 Shannon Karels and Kathy Miller: Implementing Lean Transformations

The “command and control” leadership style is common within many organizations, but in today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing why a more inclusive and collaborative form of leadership holds so much value. Today’s guests are Shannon Karels and Kathy Miller, both of whom have had many years of experience leading manufacturing operations and implementing …

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Sn. 3, #29 Namita Penugonda Reddy: Sustainable Fashion

Architecture is a unique career that bridges the gap between the worlds of construction and art, and most architects have creative hobbies. Today’s guest made her creative hobby a full-time job when, after 15 years as an architect, she transitioned into the world of sustainable fashion in 2019. Namita Reddy is a professional architect and …

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Sn. 3, #28 Coralee Beatty: Coaching Women in Construction

One of the latest and greatest trends in business is to hire a coach to help you streamline your company and clarify your thinking. Today’s guest is Coralee Beatty, a business coach, a consultant, and a mom. Coralee was the owner of a mechanical contracting business before she moved into coaching, where her specialty is …

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Sn. 3, #27 Nouchelle Hastings: Being a Bold Leader

Nouchelle Hastings thought she was going to be a doctor, but when got to college she realized what she really wanted was a different kind of challenge and chose to pursue a career in business development. Today she is the holder of two prestigious accolades; Women of the Year and Most Powerful and Influential Black …

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