Hazard Girls:
Women in Non-Traditional Fields

Host Emily Soloby, founder of Juno Jones Safety Shoes, interviews women who have successfully broken barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields. These dynamic women share their stories and advice for the next generation. Emily's goal with this podcast series is to show listeners that there are many ways to be successful - and being successful often requires hard work, community, and creativity, even when faced with adversity.


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Sn. 3, #4 Julia Hodum: Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

This week on Hazard Girls we continue our conversation on diversity and inclusion. Here to help us shed further light on the topic is Julia Hodum, Director of Inclusion and Diversity for the North American arm of the Schindler Group, a Swiss company and leading global mobility provider of escalators, elevators, and related services. In …

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Sn. 3, #2 Sarah Marie Liddle: Building Small Scale Happiness and Self-Compassion

On this episode, we chat with Sarah Marie Liddle, a certified professional coach for small businesses and individuals seeking to live well and productively. She is based out of Canberra, Australia, where she offers positive psychology and wellness tools to help professionals bring more balance and productivity into their day. You’ll hear how Sarah Marie …

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Sn. 3, #1 Paige Loew: Personal Safety and How Things are Made

Do you ever wonder how things are made? Paige Loew, a safety specialist at 3M, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, works with end-user customers across nearly every industry from healthcare and construction to manufacturing, and she gets to see it all! In today’s episode, you’ll hear about Paige’s journey to her current position, how she can …

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Jill Morley: Fighting Like a Girl

Jill Morley is an award-winning screenwriter and documentary filmmaker. Her feature documentary, Fight Like a Girl, is about women using boxing to fight their demons and empower themselves. In addition to her many award-winning screenplays and films, she is a contributing writer to periodicals like The Village Voice, Bust Magazine, and The New York Press, …

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