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Manufacturing Talk Radio is a weekly Talk Radio Podcast broadcast to manufacturers of all sizes across the globe. Show host, Lew Weiss, and co-host, Tim Grady, present breaking manufacturing news and tackle business trends and economic forecasts in manufacturing for small, medium and large manufacturers across the globe.


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Episode 796: You Can Have Cybersecurity or You Can Get Hacked

James Fair, Senior Vice President at Executech talks about Cybersecurity and a roadmap to implement from the simple to the complex, step-by-step. Even if you have cybersecurity in place, an annual review is warranted to keep abreast of new threats. A company can go out of business overnight if they aren’t ready to thwart attacks …

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Episode 793: The Services ISM Report On Business for August 2023

Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair for the Services Report on Business(R) highlights the strengths in the Services Sectors that continues to defy recession, which has disappeared from the conversation. The report is well above the midline of 50 and continues to grow.

Episode 792: AI-Driven WiFi Automation Keeps Your Business Up And Running

To stay competitive in the manufacturing sector these days we have to continue to evolve with technology. As wireless networks become more critical to manufacturing, keeping them online is a priority. Today’s guest Roger Sands is co-founder and CEO of Wyebot, the leader in AI-driven WiFi Automation. They provide cost-effective future-proofing of your network in …

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Episode 791: The Latest ISM Manufacturing Report On Business

“We’re looking at reserved optimism” – Host Lew Weiss Tim Fiore, Committee Chair of the ISM’s Manufacturing Report on Business(R) discusses New Orders, Production, Employment, Supplier Deliveries, and Inventories that make up the composite Purchasing Manager’s Index Number of 47.6 for August 2023, an improvement from the July reading of 46.4, with better performance in …

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Episode 790: Moser On Manufacturing for August 2023

Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative, and Manufacturing Talk Radio Host Lew Weiss discuss a litany of critical topics including Artificial Intelligence, the U.S. national debt, and fishing! Don’t miss this important episode of Moser On Manufacturing.

Episode 789: Manufacturing Think Tank August 2023

In this episode of ‘Manufacturing Think Tank’ host Cliff Waldman is joined by Dr. Chad Moutray, Chief Economist of the National Association of Manufacturers. After discussing the path of U.S. inflation and the likelihood of a near-term U.S. recession, Chad discusses the recent manufacturing slump and the manufacturing industries that have been most impacted. The …

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Episode 788: Has Hollywood Manufactured Its Own Frankenstein Monster with AI?

Nicholas Tana, CEO of Smart Media, discusses how movies are a manufactured product going through the same disruptive technological evolution as manufacturing itself, to the extent that the Hollywood Studio System may fade into history. With AI, it is already happening to many job roles across the movie making production line and distribution channels.