Empowering Women
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Successful women sharing their experiences and life stories that contribute to the greater good of all, improving products, making things better and safer, and fulfilling lives.


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#214 Supporting Young Black Women in STEM with Kara Branch

Kara Branch is an engineer who has always been the only Black woman on all the teams she’s ever worked on and has experienced many challenges as a result. When one of her daughters decided she also wanted to pursue a career in engineering, Kara decided she wanted better for the next generation and so …

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#213 Making Company Culture Part of Your DNA with Jessica Navascues

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. This is a quote from legendary management consultant, Peter Drucker, that implies that it’s the culture of your company that determines your success, regardless of how effective your strategy is. Today, Lydia Di Liello speaks with Jessica Navascues, a purpose-driven C-suite executive and a devout servant leader who uses this …

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#212 Passionate About Manufacturing, the Best Kept Secret, with Devon Winter

Manufacturing can be so many different things. Everything you use in your day-to-day life is essentially manufactured. Are you wondering daily how your favorite things are being made? Or wondering where they come from? Why are we not talking more, especially to young women, about the possibility of careers in manufacturing? Our guest on the …

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#210 How to Create an Exemplary Workplace with Robin Ritz

Today’s guest believes that if you love the workers and workplace before the work, everything else falls into place. Robin Ritz is the creative visionary and the owner of InCord, North America’s largest custom netting fabricator, providing the best in custom netting products to customers worldwide since 1995. From the start, Robin has had a …

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