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#173 Changing Roles: Life-Work Balance Is the New Work-Life Balance

This week on WAM, host Lydia DiLiello is joined by the dynamic professional powerhouse and former Senior Director of Nike, Sarah Walton! During her 15-year career in Corporate America, Sarah worked in 10+ functions, proving herself to be an asset to any team, which successfully landed her roles at some of the largest global brands, …

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#171 The Foundations of a Strong Family Business with Bridget Jaeger

Today we get to have an amazing conversation with the Chief Operating Officer of CH Technologies, Bridget Jaeger! The company is dedicated to equipping its clients with a responsive source for cutting-edge inhalation and particle exposure systems, which can be custom-tailored to specific needs. In our chat today, we hear from Bridget about the work …

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#170 Oil and Gas in Uganda with Benita Bageire

Today’s guest is from a country that many people probably know little about. Uganda, situated on the African continent, was one of Africa’s first countries to have a female vice president, is one of only a few countries in the world which has a ministry dedicated solely to women’s issues, and as recently as 2006, …

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#169 Step Ahead in Garment Manufacturing with Gabrielle Ferrara

Manufacturing garments for the likes of Ralph Lauren to the United States Coast Guard, our guest today is also the recipient of the Step Ahead Award from The Manufacturing Institute. Today we welcome to the show, Gabrielle Ferrara. Gabrielle is the Chief Operating Officer at Ferrara Manufacturing, a family-owned and operated, American garment manufacturer company …

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#166 Enhancing Manufacturing Productivity through Software with Deb Geiger

Today on the Women and Manufacturing Podcast, we talk about how the right software systems can greatly improve productivity. We are joined by Deb Geiger, the VP of global marketing at Aegis Software. Founded in 1997 by two manufacturing engineers, Aegis has over 20 years of experience providing world-class software to customers around the globe, …

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#165 Breaking New Frontiers with Aidan Madigan-Curtis

On today’s episode, Linda Rigano speaks with a true frontierswoman and inspiring leader in world-class tech. You’ll hear about her background, growing up in the Rocky Mountains, and the powerful role her strong single mother had as a role model in her life. We touch on the core values taught to her in childhood that …

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#164 Enterprise Software for Project-Based Businesses with Shina Neo

Project-based businesses have unique challenges that are very different from traditional service industries. While many project businesses use traditional ERP systems, they don’t really work for them because they are not built with projects in mind. Today we chat with Shina Neo, editorial director and media relations specialist at Adeaca. She explains the relatively new …

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