Monthly Series: Manufacturing Partnerships... Making Waves

Jacket Media Co. is proud to introduce our new, monthly podcast “Manufacturing Partnerships” with Host John W. Kennedy, CEO of the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program. Tune in on the last Friday of every month to hear the latest episode!


Latest Episodes

Episode 584: Manufacturing Partnerships… Making Waves Episode 9

All Things Supply Chain and ISO Implementation  Join John W. Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP, and Aaron Ramsey, Senior Services Manager, Perdue University MEP, discuss the supply chain and all its intricacies as well as ISO implementation and what the future holds for the MEP National Network.  

Episode 576: Manufacturing Partnerships… Making Waves Episode 8

On this episode of Manufacturing Partnerships… Making Waves: Watch as Christina Renna, President & CEO, the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey joins John W. Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP as they discuss the partnership between the MEP centers and chambers of commerce in their state and how each party can benefit from this match made …

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Episode 568: Manufacturing Partnerships… Making Waves Episode 7

Host John Kennedy, CEO of NJMEP welcomes special guest Sam Gupta, an ERP thought leader in the digital transformation space for nearly two decades to discuss digital transformation initiatives in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries.

Episode 557: Manufacturing Partnerships…Making Waves Ep. 6: Now Hiring: New Generation Workforce

Join John Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP and Matt Guse, President, MRS Machining, as they discuss the workforce challenge on how to engage the younger generation and get them interested in the world of manufacturing.  

Episode 549 – Manufacturing Partnerships…Making Waves Ep. 5: How the workforce shortage is affecting manufacturers and how MEPs can help

Join John Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP and Tony Demakis, President, Alliance Specialties & Laser Sales as they discuss the workforce shortage from the manufacturer’s point of view.

Latest News

Gen Z

Manufacturers Turn to Gen Zers Parlaying Streaming into Product Selling Channel

This article originally appeared in the September 2021 issue of Manufacturing Outlook. To read the latest issue or to receive your free subscription, visit By Thomas R. Cutler The new Gen Z and Entertainment …

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Driving Digital Transformation

Driving Digital Transformation Through Mobile Technology

This article appears in the September 2021 issue of Manufacturing Outlook. To read the latest issue or to receive a free subscription, visit By: Robin Fleming, Co-Founder & CEO of Anvl  The past year …

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RV Manufacturing

Northern Indiana RV Manufacturing Expected to Have Record Year

Northern Indiana has long been a major hub of RV manufacturing in the U.S. and a new forecast shows that this year may be one of the best for the sector in recent years.  According …

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Episode 530: Manufacturing Partnerships: Tourism and Manufacturing – Why do the two industries need each other?

On this episode Join John Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP and Alyssa Rodrigues, Director, The Alaska MEP as they discuss how tourism and its decline during the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the manufacturing industry in the state of Alaska.

Episode 522: Manufacturing Partnerships… Making Waves with Ethan Karp

What is Iteration? – Inside MAGNET’s program designed to help startup manufacturers. Join John Kennedy, CEO of NJMEP and Ethan Karp, CEO of MAGNET as they discuss the iteration program that MAGNET has implemented to assist startup manufacturers.