Product Updates to DataXchange Machine Monitoring

Additions and Improvements for a Better User Experience





Shop Floor Automations announces new features from Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring. Their recent Version 2019.01.15 update has brought forth many new features.

User feedback has been extremely valuable to create a better product for manufacturers. Here are new things you can do with this Cloud-based or on-premise OEE software:

Want to properly track scheduled downtime? You are now able to plan for specific downtime in your shop. You can schedule holidays, plant shutdowns, planned maintenance, and more. These planned downtimes will automatically be recorded and reported on.

Integrating work orders with your machine monitoring? DataXchange now has an easy-to-use import feature. You can import your current part, ideal times and work orders by using our import template. Once that information is in the system, you can see real-time data regarding your work orders, as well as historical information.

Still have old legacy equipment or hardware on the shop floor? Hardware can be added to legacy equipment to monitor electrical signals. These signals alert you if the machine is running or not running. You are not limited to monitoring newer equipment – collect data from every machine age, make and model on your shop floor.

Whether you are a current customer of DataXchange, or considering it, many improvements have also been made to the software. Modifications have been made with FOCAS connectivity, charts and reports, RTV screens, user events, and much more.

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