Reshoring Manufacturing and Assembly Services

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by Tim Grady

Despite the thriving business ecosystem in America during the 2000s, the high cost of local production pushed American manufacturers to outsource manufacturing services abroad, mainly to China.  However, the manufacturers did not always get the best product.  Some incurred hefty losses despite having well-crafted strategies to lower production costs and increase profit margins. 

In 2012, Jim Orrico, Founder and President of Dream to Product, recognized the outsourcing trend as a problem for the economy and an opportunity for local manufacturing.  “We started small in a co-working space called ICNC in downtown Chicago.  Our vision was to establish an entrepreneurial contract manufacturing, assembly, and design company that promoted local or regional resources while offering economically feasible consumer and industrial production solutions,” Mr. Orrico said.

In 2016, four years after the company was established, Dream to Product had grown exponentially.  That growth necessitated acquiring a warehouse in Evanston, Illinois for various facets of the business.  According to Jim, the company is a haven for manufacturers seeking Dream to Product’s emphasis on employing the optimal manufacturing and assembly practices, like designing custom assembly stations and using the appropriate tools and parts during the assembly or production process.

Dream to Product focuses on reducing the complexity of manufacturing and assembly processes while maintaining the high levels of American standards in all products.  “One of our clients was at risk of landfilling over 50,000 pounds of product made in China because the product was made with low-quality material.  We worked out a solution for them, sourced the right parts, and are currently in the final stages of reworking and delivering the final product,” said Jim. 

Besides reworking defective products, the company offers a range of solutions, including product design, prototyping, part sourcing, CAD modeling, custom fixture building, automated assembly, hand assembly, and engineering consultancy services. 

Manufacturers who outsource services abroad look at the process through a labor cost lens.  However, Jim looked at it differently.  “Apart from guaranteed quality, manufacturing and assembling products locally has many significant benefits.  Manufacturers reduce the freight cost and save valuable time with local shipping compared to waiting on overseas shipments to arrive.  Product can get to the market sooner – key to end-user deliveries and inventory turns.  When necessary, Dream to Product sends its representatives to audit processes at suppliers to ensure efficiencies.  Further, manufacturers get to inject money into the local economy through employment and Made in the USA components that can have greater cost-benefits now that we face global inflation.”

Asked what has fueled the company’s growth over the years, Jim said, “Our core strength is the open organizational leadership model we have embraced.  Our recognition of every employee’s value has seen our organization become a marketplace of ideas, enabling us to build a closely knit workforce with dynamic human systems that have given us the most creative problem-solving ecosystem.  We have become a manufacturing, design, and assembly powerhouse by combining our employee’s resourcefulness, dexterity, and motivation with automation, local resources, and accelerated end-to-end results – literally from Dream to Product.”  

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Tim Grady is Co-host of Manufacturing Talk Radio. 

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