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Tim Grady: Welcome back everyone to Manufacturing Talk Radio. Lew Weiss is not with us today. He is on a plane coming back from India where he has taken a soldier and to see what the world looks like over in that part of Asia. Today, however, we have a really exciting guest. We have Mr. Craig Rovere with us. Before I introduce Craig, I would like to give you a quick recap of last weeks over the last show and that was with Mr. Brad ?? who is the chair of ISM Manufacturing Business Survey Company who writes the ISM manufacturing report on business that we went over for the month of March in our last show. Again that number continues to be up. It is 53.7. I think the number was when it came out and we are kindly looking forward to the April number coming out here on May 1 and we will be talking about that number while we are in Las Vegas, Nevada at the ISM show that is out there. That is the big annual show that they have so we look forward to seeing any of who out there. If you have been a listener to the show, please stop by our booth and say hello. The other thing that I will like to touch base on really quickly is some of the manufacturing news consistent with what the ISM is showing that for instance US steal shipments are up 11.4% and US aluminum shipments are 15.8% higher. Canada’s steal is up 5.5% and aluminum up 14.2%. The lot of this is going into service centers so the service center hold back on inventory is now beginning to soften and service centers are pulling inventory onto their shows so they have some confidence that the economy is going pick up and continue to move forward so we are excited to see that it is happening at the service center level. Now lets take a quick shift here for a moment and let me introduce our guest Mr. Craig Rovere. I have had the pleasure of working with Craig for quite a while and Craig really does know what he is doing in terms of websites, social media, e-mail just a real broad’s spectrum of things in the digital world. He is the president of Rovere’s Media. Craig, how are you today?

Craig Rovere: I am good, Tim. Thank for those kind words. I appreciated.

Tim Grady: Well, you have done some remarkable things for All Metals & Forge Group. I know that at one point. All Metals & Forge launched a website that was built incorrectly and you were instrumental and I think it was March of last year and turning the tide for that and getting it reconstituted and I think the first thing that we are going to talk about today. We are going to talk about 10 things for you marketing tool box and the first renewed the website. You want to touch briefly on that Craig?.

Craig Rovere: All Metals & Forge Group is a really good example of you know how things can go bad when they are done wrong. The site as you know was online since 1994. I look them up. They are one of the first websites ? on the internet. You know to his credits, Lew Weiss really saw the writing on the wall and got out and fought the internet train and to his credit, you know, that was a great move on his part. You know, he got out there, Google love that and you know they had a ton of traffic as you know the monthly traffic on there was what it was like 60,000 at one point visitors, but their site was old. It was getting a little longer than ?. It was done with some older technology. It had some HTML in there. It had some PHP, all these different, you know, people at work on it over the years so it was sort of a mess, but it is still performed well and it got a lot of visitors. What they did as they went and they built a new site and their site was not built properly. The people that they had hire to built the site and the firm that they hire to do the SEO unfortunately did not do a good job and actually made some very critical mistakes and some of the stuff they did was like we talk about last time was Blackhat or some of the term Grayhat where it is sort of toes the line between stuff that Google really really frowns upon. They just killed them. Their traffic just immediately clattered. Once all the Blackhat stuff, the plug had been pulled on things like ? farms and things like that sites in Russia they just have you know tons and tons of links to generate traffic to your site but it is not good traffic. It is just random computers and crap like that. Once Google got wise to it, it did not take a very long traffic clattered and the whole things sort of fell apart so my company came in. We take a look at what it had been done and we basically had started from scratch. This is why research needs to be done thoroughly to get the desired result, they could have used a targeted SEO, for example, if you were a medical site you would tend to go for a medical SEO company that can get the right traffic and audience to the site.

Tim Grady: You did a great job. I know we had another output that we are working with in Houston, Texas what folks called top spot internet marketing. They have done a traffic job with building out the site as well and Craig with them. I have to tell you that the collaboration between the two was really quite critical so that worked very very well and I know that you know I still run into sites out there where somebody say sends me an e-mail and they say my address is Tim Grady at hotmail.com. Give us your comments on that if you would briefly, Craig?

Craig Rovere: My comment is I hate that. That is the least professional thing that the human being can do is to have you know an AOL I think is the worse. If you have it AOL address and I do not mean to bash on AOL. They are wonderful company, but I feel like if you have an AOL address or a Hotmail or a Yahoo address or an Gmail address and you are not using you E-mail for your company you know ABC.com, you don’t look professional. You look like somebody who is working out of there garage. When you register a domain, when you register you know TimGrady.com, you get E-mails with account, you know invoicing_timgrady.com or accounting timgrady.com. Use those, set them up, if you don’t want to have another E-mail to check, you can set it up as a fording account and just any E-mails that come in there will go to your Gmail account, but that is your face to the world and that is your point of contact for people and if you have you know a third party out or Gmail or E-mail, it looks unprofessional so step one do that.

Tim Grady: That is great, Craig. The third component really of that website you know the initial build and this is where Craig and those folds in Houston top spot internet marketing really helps us out was the proper SEO. Craig, you know SEO is kind of a mystery term to people, why don’t we flesh that out a little bit for folks.

Craig Rovere: Okay. SEO (search engine optimization) is making your site more attractive to the search engine just basically set in the right bait to get them to look at you. Now, back in the day when this whole thing first started, it was just you put a bunch of keywords there and the ? decide and then they will find you, but it is now so much more complex than that. A lot of people have to use resources in order to understand how to optimize the website. I remember seeing a great SEO campaign guide that I used to understand some changes Google made. Now, the entire site, every word on the site needs to be crafted carefully so that it reflects that you are the expert or you are the source or you are the go to place for a product of service and the case of All Metals & Forge Group, they have hundreds and hundreds of alloys at the DOS so it was critical that we figure out, okay what are the top drawers there and lets make sure that those are featured more prominent than the ones they are not but they all have to be there and then we have to do is you go in and you hire someone like we did like with top spot to go on in there and make sure that the copy on this site, the words that are on there include these keywords so that when the search engine looks at it they no longer look at the words and the codes and stuff like that, the keyword stuff and they actually look at the content of the site. You also have to think about things like local business listings to make sure that your website is being shown to your local audience. There’s so many things to consider with SEO! A good idea is to not have any of the text on your site, and instead have it part of picture, search engines cannot see it other than as a picture. They just say okay this is a picture and there are ways to describe to the search engines in all ??? okay this is a picture of the house, this is a picture of a wrench that kind of thing, but that is nowhere near as affected as having all the copy as actual text on your site so going through the site and there are hundreds and hundreds of rules and you can look them up with Google. Google is very good at providing webmasters and web developers and users with instructions on how to do all that stuff. They don’t want to be a mystery. They want you to be able to do it right so that your site ranks higher but just basic on site SEO is a first step and that is the first thing we had to do with All Metals & Forge Group is that we had to go in and really look at. None of their images had all tags on them so search engines could not figure out what those were pictures of. They saw that they were pictures, but they had no description so the search engine just sort of said no that is the picture, but we went through there and we make sure that every image had a very specific all tag to tell their search engines okay this is the picture of a forge ring in this alloy and that is just makes it a little bit more attractive to the search engine so top to bottom, you really have to look at your entire site, the copy, the images all that good stuff, page names here is another one. Go through a basic site, you have pages, you have about us, you have services, you have contact us that kind of thing. Those are very generic terms are not super attractive to a search engine so what you want to do is, you want to name your pages or have your web guy or girl go in and name your pages according to the content that is on their pages. With All Metals and Forge Group, we went and whatever the content of that page is, is the name of the page instead of just having it to be metals or you know forging or that kind of thing. We went in there, we made sure that every page had whatever was on it, was the name of the page, suff like that real basic stuff that everybody ??? is building the site really really no it is critical to have your site ranked properly.

Tim Grady: I think it is also important and not very easy to find good writers and one of the challenge is I see reading almost anything today whether I pickup a newspaper or magazine and discovering more and more writers out there who struggle to write a cogent English sentence so I think you need to look at who is writing your website. I know the other thing that All Metals & Forge discovered was that you know if there ???. Craig mention the keyword stuffing to put 15 alloys on one page and that is not today what the search engines are looking for. I guess Craig, they are looking for a page specific to a term. Is that about right?

Craig Rovere: Yeah that is correct. If you have a company like All Metals & Forge Group that does so much different stuff or if you know a company that it does one or two things. You want yo have a page dedicated to that subject. You don’t have want to have one page that tries to cover everything you do. You know if you sell donuts and you want to talk about you know your ??? donuts or you know __ cream, give them a separate page for each one. That way, the search engines can recognize. Okay, you have got specific content here and specific content there. The search engines are not going to read the entire page and then discern okay you have all this different services and you know they are smart but they are not super smart, you got to help them along so it is always a good idea to have different page for your different subject matter so break your site up a little bit, make it easier for the search engines to chew and understand and they will see you more as an expert on the subject.

Tim Grady: Great that is really helpful. I know that the other thing that companies often struggle with you know what is my leave behind piece, what is my handout piece, a simple brochure really and in my experience and working with you, Craig and some other folks, I guess I have learned just being a radio jock here and not the marketers you guys are that if you built your website first and express all of your content there, the brochure becomes easy. Would you say that is about right?

Craig Rovere: Absolutely, It used to be back in the day, it was the other way around, everyone had a brochure and then they said okay well lets just turn this into website. Now, it is the other way around. People really have turned their back on printing. I mean I have friends in the printing and they are just dying for work and you know nobody wants to print out 10,000 brochures like they used to be because if you know something changes, the service, the product, the person whatever, you got to scrap them and reprint the whole thing so nobody wants to do that anymore so people have sort of turn their back on printing. It is always a good idea after you develop your site, you got all of you copy and everything set and it looks beautiful and everything, take that stuff and put it into the printed brochure. Even if you just you are short ??? at digital printer, but then the key is take that printing brochure, converted into PDF, now search engines can read some PDFs, depending on how it is converted. If you have your agents so you convert it to a PDF, put it up on your website, have it be downloadable. Again, it shows Google that you are an expert on that subject matter and it is always good to have something that the client can download, take with them, print it out on their own, that kind of thing so you know I would not tell people to invest heavily in printing because again things change, but if you are going to do a brochure make sure that it is converted to a PDF or it is put on your website in some formats that you can get a benefit of that.

Tim Grady: Oh that is great. Now, the other thing I have noticed and I have look at a lot of PDFs throughout the day is that people don’t utilize and may be they don’t know that a PDF have hypertext legs. Is that right, Craig?

Craig Rovere: That is correct, they have hypertext lengths, they can have E-mail links, videos embedded in there. Acrobat which is a program by __ that creates and reads the PDFs. Acrobat pro, you can create a very interactive. We actually sometimes use Acrobat to built sites for built functioning documents that work like a website in Acrobat so take a look at that. Talk to somebody who knows and really explore what you can do with the PDF because it is good as a marketing piece because you can always send it by E-mail to somebody and it is interactive piece for them,. It has got links out to pages on their site where it has got videos embedded in there, the e-mail links and all that kind of good stuff so it is definitely worth looking at. It is not just a static document like it used to be.

Tim Grady: Now, I don’t know that we have ever mentioned. Craig, if we mentioned your website address on the show.

Craig Rovere: Oh my goodness, here it comes, shamlessplugroveremedia.com. We are full a service agency. We do it all everything from radio shows to websites, television, marketing, branding and packaging.

Tim Grady: Thanks for the plug

Craig Rovere: You are welcome. You are welcome. Before we get to our next shameless plug, we are going to take a quick break for a commercial here.

Tim Grady: I had a question that came in on Twitter here. Somebody wanted to know if somebody has done something bad like you are talking about and created all these bulges back links which used to be a ESO trick, you would buy these link to rush places and everything and some how you had more links to your sites, you are going to do better. How do you get rid of those links?

Craig Rovere: Well, unfortunately, you are in trouble because once they are set up and they are out there as you know with anything else on the internet, you ask any Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez, once something is out on the internet, it is out in the internet and you cannot get it back. Unfortunately, a lot of these Blackhats services are paid to play so once you stop paying, they go ???, the links will linger. I still find sites that are hanging out on pages posted in you know Russia and Eastern Europe and Poland and that kind of stuff that we are set up by the naughty SEO company for All Metals & Forge Group and you know I just have to go in there and contact them and tell them get rid of it and that is kind of stuff but it stays out there more importantly, it is your reputation with Google. It is like any other relationship, once you have been naughty and you got caught being naughty, you have to earn their trust back so you just have to do the right thing and continue doing the right thing until you know there is no real set formula for at which point they will welcome you back with open arms, but is taking All Metals & Forge Group a few months, but you know as soon as we got the new site up there with the new SEO and we started doing a bunch of the other things that we are going to talk about, things immediately starting to improve, so you have to be careful about which you put on the internet just as Tim Grady’s learn those pictures of him 10 years ago with the company office party still floating around out there.

Tim Grady: At the end of the day, you don’t want to get in the side at Google. They will make you disappear. Know that lovely voice that you are hearing is our studio engineer Paul Roberts who occasionally gets involve with this. We love to have him. He is really quite brilliant. He helped us out putting the show together. I want to ask you Craig, business cards. I know that is very basic, but you know the last ragging debate I heard on business cards is on the domain name. Do you still need the www or that now passing.

Craig Rovere: It is passing. You really don’t have to type it. If you try it any other monitor and browsers and even the lagging behind in technology internet explorer, you don’t have to type www even more. No more than you have to type http;\\ which is what appears in codes before the www. Now originally back when the web started, you had to type all that crap out, but now you don’t have to type anything. You just start typing the url and your browser no matter what it is Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera. It will take care of that for you so in print it always say space and you don’t have to put in the www and we all know that. It is just youradress.com save space and saves ink and possibly trees. So that is yes. Also another good idea well around the subject of like business cards and that kind of stuff. People, when I say to them okay lets print up some business cards. They are like oh Jesus why. People lose them ??? other thing. That is true. Who walks around with like the George ??/ wallet you know six inches thick with business cards and receipts and stuff like that. Nobody likes to do that, but we do have is that fancy little devices that we walk around all day, these phones. What I recommend to my clients is to put on the back of the card is a QR code and we have also seen these things where these funny looking little squares. They look like little digital brooking up bitmap squares and they kind of look like bar codes but not. If you go on the internet and you Google QR code, you can find websites where you can generate a QR code, generate it and download it yourself. So you can print that on the back of your business cards, okay and then when you give your card to somebody they hit it with their little, there is a million free apps out there to download QR readers and what you can do is you can have it to a number things. You have it linked to your websites so when they scan it, it immediately takes them to your website or you can have it load a contact card into their address book so they get all your contact information, your name, address, phone number, E-mail. All that stuff and it will automatically create a contact in your address book on your phone so that is what I recommend they do that way you know they scan it real quick and that whatever happens to business card after that but at least they get it and that is become the ???. You know our phone is a ??? nowadays so still put your business cards these look professional but a put a QR code on there because nobody walks around with the pocket full of business cards.

Tim Grady: Okay that is great information. You know the other thing is that is coming up now is a lot of social media discussion and I to this day don’t really know how to use it affectively, the first one that comes to mind is Twitter. Craig, can you help our listeners understand how in the business-to-business world, they can use twitter effectively.

Craig Rovere: Depending on what is type of business and since we talk to mostly industrial clients here on the show, I will try and ?? the conversation to that. I use it a little bit of different with some of my clients, some of my retail clients like I have a chain of barber shots, hair saloon similar to super cuts. When things are slow at a certain location we will have them tweet out a coupon next 10 people in the store get half off of you know coloring and boom you have instance customers. For bigger clients, industrial clients like that, the general electric, the caterpillars and stuff like that. If you follow them on Twitter, it is an informational source. They try to put out something informational, informative, a link something that is going on with their company. You know it is a 140 character quick update now the actual tweet itself whether or not the subject matter is interesting or not, it is kind of tricky with an industrial client. The idea is here is this helps SEO. Everything go and all roads lead to SEO. Google looks at that. Google takes a look at your presence on the web as a whole. It is not just looking at your site and the pictures and the words and that kind of thing. Google looks at your presence in the internet universe as a whole and they like to see a well-rounded presence and that means a regularly updated twitter account and they look at how many people you have following you which is important because that indicates to them okay this company has a lot of followers and they are very active. They are good source of information so that increases the rank. It can be tricky. I mean updating a twitter account everybody is not something that everybody likes to do. I mean try to fill that void 140 characters at a time gets a bit much. You know especially if you have an industrial client. It is like you know we are making parts. The same thing we did yesterday. What do you looking for, but if you go out there and you look around. There is always industry hiding at some little corner of the web that you can find and you can tweet out a link to it or if there is some new product or service going on with your company that you want to get out there so it is important to have a presence on Twitter, but the most important thing is don’t have it and not updated it. Cast someone within the company who can string together a coherent sentence and have that person’s job to tweet and tweet it a few times a day that is what Google likes to see.

Tim Grady: Oh a couple of times a day. It even became more challenging now. Well, that is great advice now the next one and I know that Lew struggle with this and I often scratch my head on this one as well and that is Facebook. You know, Facebook to me is my daughter talking to one of her friends at school. It just does not strike as a business tool again. Craig, how to use Facebook to be a business tool.

Craig Rovere: All roads lead to SEO. Again, it is part of the well-rounded package that Bing, Google and the other search engines like to say. They take these things into consideration. It is a good way to keep up with you know with potential clients that type of thing. Let people know what is going on very similar to Twitter but you know the content is more rich, but again the same thing it is important to have this presence there. It has got to be there. By not having it, it makes more of a statement than having it to the search engines. The link backs alone are important. You are always going to be linking back to your site and linking to pages on your site and articles and that kind of stuff so that in of it itself is a SEO positive so the short answer to the Twitter or Facebook thing and the rest is SEO. It all goes back to SEO and whenever you are doing it and whatever updating you have got to do it every single day. It indicates that Twitter and Facebook, it is a good idea to update these things multiple times a day. If they start to get stail, people start to sort of look at it and oh there has been no updates in two weeks. They are not coming back again so it is important and there is a whole advertising network on Facebook where you advertise to people while they are on Facebook. It is own sub-universe on the internet where they do their own tracking of traffic. You know it is a captive audience there. You know people think oh well Facebook is public network. It is not public. It is a private network. Okay, you agreed to join it and you agree to let Facebook look at everything you say and do regardless of what your privacy settings say so think of Facebook is the internet without any privacy controls regardless of what they tell you in terms of you know adjust your privacy settings, your friends or your ex-friend or your ex-husbands might not be able to see what you are doing, but Facebook sees what you are doing and they share that information with us. All of us advertisers and stuff like that. Once you become an advertiser with Facebook, it is you know it is like the internet with all safety controls off. Everything you say, your conversations, all the stuff, the keywords buried in there and your conversations back in forth and the private stuff they you put on your wall, we see all of that and we use it for marketing purposes not for privacy invasion, not for the NSA, but for marketing purposes. If you see you talking to your friends about oh geez you know my car is breaking down. I got a shop for a new car, boom, magically, you start to see ads for new cars. It is that amazing. So it is like having someone eavesdrop on you at all times. So it is a good idea to be out there on Facebook and to have your stuff out there and get into Facebook advertising so that is another venue to reach your audience.

Tim Grady: Okay good. Okay now I understand that a little bit more. Some websites actually more and more episodes, I see you know a Twitter Logo, a Facebook logo. Now I am beginning to see the linked in logo. I guess that is how Google knows that you are involved in these things. I know there are linked in groups, discussion groups. How did someone to use Linkedin, which I like ??? to try and go find the job for a business-to-business marketing.

Craig Rovere: The Linkedin started as just a networking place, a professional networking place. It was sort of the student I answer the Facebook or Myspace at that time. It was a place where professionals would get together and sort of build your network and people that you know and that you have worked with and contacts and that kind of thing and it was sort of an online ??? of your business contacts, but is ??? into more of a social network at this point where you can put out updates what you are doing so it is similar to Facebook in that way and in that respect, but again the same thing, you can go in there and you can do targeted advertising based on what people are looking for so it has gone beyond being just a place where professional people cam network and that type of thing into something that is more like a little bit more professional Facebook. That is a bunch of other tools in there that you know that you can use to advertise the market, but again it is along the same lines and as far as having all those icons on your websites. It is always a good idea because you want people to connect with you in that way even if it is just one of those social media outlets even if it is just Twitter or just Facebook and that kind of thing. You want to make it easy for them to connect with you because the more users you have connected, the bigger your social network is and the more attractive it is to search engine so it is all part of that master plan to make you look like you are the expert on whatever product or service you provide so having it there so they can just click a button boom they are connected, done, you have got them done and now you can market to them. Now, you know who they are. When someone connects with you on Facebook or when somebody connects with you on Twitter now you know who they are. You have a direct line to them. You can go and you can look at their profile and that kind of thing and you can see the type of people that are going to your website and go into your Linkedin, your Facebook or your Twitter and that is kind of thing. It gives you a little bit of more insight into who your audience is and you can address them directly so all ?? is the same way. The different ways to doing the same thing.

Tim Grady: Well that is very very helpful. Now I know that you know that is kind of top of the show you mentioned that steelforge.com which have been up since 1994 was getting a longer ?? and the next challenge that I often here about people who have websites is how to do keep I this updated. What do I add for additional content? Craig, why do not you go over some suggestions for updating content of the websites?

Craig Rovere: The idea that it is like a billboard and you can just put it up there and then that is it and walk away from it is something that was true back in the day. You just sort of had to build a good website and you left it there like a billboard and then it drove business. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. Google keeps track when you update your website. They know how old the content is and that you know if you have a product of service that really does not change you know you make a widget and you make the same widget, you are in and you are out. You have to constantly update. When I say constantly, it does not mean everybody but just for month to month. There has to be something going on with your business where you can change a description or you can change some of the images or something along those lines to keep your sire fresh. The last thing you want to do is have your site goes ?? and Google sees that the site has not been updated. It is sort of red flag to them and those say oh this company even in business anymore. Did it go out business and their website is just up because their contract you know does not expire at the end of the year. All these things go through, Google ?? mind there and they start going down. They start getting ??. Good idea to go in there even if you just put up different pictures and slightly different descriptions of your product or service going on there. There is always something going on at a company that you can talk about. Some sort of new product or new source or even a discontinued product or service, it is always a good idea to just stay in there and keep the content fresh. Now if that means just having somebody come in, hire a writer, a freelance writer, a good one, look at their work in the past. Don’t just hire some person who is going to go out there and use what are called spinbots. Spinbots you can take like a section of copy from say a competitor’s website and you can run it through these spinbots which are robots and they just take the copy and they put it a blender and they replace the verbs with other verbs and they basically take out the source and replace words with other words that mean exactly the same. Sometimes it comes out good and sometimes most of the sometimes, it comes out like bush, but go in there, hire a writer, have him look at your site, have him re-write a couple of other things, somebody who knows about SEO and that kind of thing. Even if you do it every three to four months. Have somebody go in there and rewire the copy or just tweet the copy a little bit so that it shows that you are attending to that garden and Google will leave you alone. They wont beat you up too much. Pictures same thing go on and have some new pictures taken of your product or your service or you know your bios or something along that line. Just attend the garden, keep it fresh, keep turning the soil and flowers will grow as it were because Google likes to see that.

Tim Grady: Okay just want to kind of review everybody before we take a commercial break here what we have covered. We talked about the website and E-mail addresses specifically not being AOL or Gmail or Hotmail or one of those but an actual E-mail address with the domain in it. The proper SEO and then take that content from your website and create a brochure that is kind of old school to new school and then your business cards and what did you call that in the back of a business card.

Craig Rovere: It is called the QR code. You can go online and you go embed whatever info you want on it and have your agents, you put it on the back of you business cards or you brochures.

Tim Grady: That is that little square looking thing.

Craig Rovere: Yeah it looks like a little black and white square with a bunch of other squares inside of it and it is basically a digital link in the printed word.

Tim Grady: And then you know Twitter account and Craig recommended tweeting a couple of times a day if you can, a Facebook account, a Linkedin profile and then we talked about keeping your website updated and when we come back from commercial break we are going to talk about #10 and then I have a got question for Craig and a particular resource so lets take a quick commercial break.

Tim Grady: A lots of interesting tips and ideas of somebody is doing good stuff or bad stuff when you hire them. That is the question I am because it sounds like here is the company. All Metals & Forge Group, a lot of resources, a lot of experience in the internet and yet they got stunk. How do you know if this guy is doing good or bad?

Craig Rovere: They really did and it was unfortunate because they hire what they felt was a reputable firm. What that firm did was say okay we are going give you all these great traffic numbers that is the first warning sign when someone says to you or anyone calls you on the phone you are in a meeting or whatever that they can guarantee you that you will be on the first page of results with Google runway. That is the first sign that they are a bad firm because no one can do that without cheating. It cannot be done. It is an organic process. It happens overtime. It does not happen overnight. It does not even happen in a week. It doe not happen in a month. Okay, it takes time. So if someone promises you that they can get you on the first page of Google that is the red flag, run away. It is funny because I run a firm that does this and I get calls from people very week telling me that they can get my site on the first page of Google. I say well first of all I am already there. Second of al, no you cannot. That is the first signs, but you want to look at what they are doing. Make them tell you what they are doing. Give you in writing of what they are doing to do, what their process is going to be, that was a part of the problem with All Metals & Forge Group is they trusted this group that they hire ?? is that they just sort of gave them keys all right you know just bring it back with the full tank and they proceeded to run cars with tree. So yeah just watch they are doing, ask questions, find out their strategies and then look u those strategies online. Use Google to protect you. Google is a powerful tool. Go online. Look at what they are doing and then search and talk to other firms. It does not cost anything. They call somebody and have them about ask some questions. You might find a reputable firm that you have some questions about who you are working with.

Tim Grady: The next thing is landing pages and search for a display advertising. Give us some insight on that if you would.

Craig Rovere: So landing pages are unique pages set up. They are your direct traffic you from your ads online. When you run in ad like a bad ad or a side or something and the user can click on it and it takes them to your site. Do you want them to go just to your home page. If you offer a bunch of different services like All Metals & Forge Group does where they have you know they have seamless ?? rings, they have forge shafts, step shafts that kind of thing, ?? blanks, hubs. They will run and add just for gear blanks in a targeted publication online and then when you click on that ad for gear blanks. It takes you to a special home page that is just about gear blanks or takes you just to a section just on gear blanks. Now the reason you want to do this is A: so you can see if your ads are working because you don’t want to trust the people that you are running the ad with you give you report for how many click you have this month because they can lie and they do. You can look at analytics and say okay that particular page that is set up just for that ad campaign. It is getting a tone of traffic. We know that ad is working or it has got no traffic so the ads is not working but that way you have when you have a specific ad targeted to a specific product or service, they can go to a specific page for that. That way, they don’t have to wonder through your site, okay, now, they click it and now they are at your home page and they got to navigate. The people have less and less patience online these days. It used to be that you know people were patience with the website and they would hunt around and they would poke and click on it. Nowadays, if it is not right there, they will go back and they will find someone else so you really have ??? price approach make it like Fisher Price simple, big buttons and really easy to figure out what it does so the landing page is set up to be a specific destination for an ad or length that you have out there somewhere.

Tim Grady: You make a powerful point Craig because I know that the home page used to be the target. You want to drive ?? your home page and that is not the case anymore. Now it is landing page.

Craig Rovere: Yeah you want to have those landing pages set up so that A: You can keep track of your traffic for your specific ad companies and then B: So that you give the people what they want and you can see what is working, see what is working in your ad campaigns. We will do you know NAB. We will do you know say it is for gear blanks with All Metals & Forge Group. We will actually have two different ads for gear blanks and they have just a slightly different message to them and they will see which one works based on the traffic to that landing page so it can help your tweet your ad campaign really well. You will also ask about search versus display and this sort of talks to that. There are two different types of advertising you can do with Google search and display. The search is like when you search for a term like you know seamless ??? and those ads that appear along in the side column, the paid ads or the ones up top. That is going to be your search network where it is just going to be text and a link and it is going to be based on particular keywords. The display network which until recently was called a content network is a huge network of websites I mean million of websites that have a little portion of their website set aside for the Google ad sense network. You know where you are on the web and you ?? some new site or you go to some ?? site and it has got an ad that pops out there and the next time you visit it, it has got a different that pops up there. Well those are blank spaces on the website that are aside for Google ad sense and when you submit an ad to go in there, they will randomly be sealed in that spot or based on your search or the content of the website, a particular ad will show up there. There is a little bit more to it but I can see our producers sort of waving fingers at me here so you I don’t want to eat up too much the time you have left but there are two different kinds of advertising search and display. The display is pictures you know ads and that is kind of stuff and the search is going to be more text base, but they should all go to landing pages so ask your agency about that.

Tim Grady: Okay and running really quickly, how about the difference between organic and paid?

Craig Rovere: With organic search means somebody legit typed in, a term or a word looking for your company and they find you naturally because your site was SEO properly and you got the right words and all your images have all texts and that stuff that is organic. It just happened naturally it is the term organic. You know page search is you tell Google okay I want have a paper clip campaign and these words ??? rings, forge steel, forge alloys that kind of things. When someone searches for those, okay I will pay per clip as ?? indicates to be higher in the rankings okay but once you have reached your limit on your budget for that sort of thing that is it. It is a much broader subject than that but it is basically one happens naturally and one you pay for. There is no way to pay to your results be number one. You can just be better than between ??/?? but just the paid is paid. Organic is you know they found you naturally. Organic is the best because it is free and you got there naturally. You got there by doing the right thing on your website. You got there by building your site properly and having Linkedin and having Facebook and Twitter and all that good stuff. So organic is the goal of everyone to just be the natural result when people search for you.

Tim Grady: Craig thanks very much. We really appreciate your input today. You covered a lot of great material. Again, if you are looking for Craig’s company. It is roveremedia.com and if you would like to hear this show again please go to manufacturing talk radio or mfgtalkradio.com and you can reply the show to pickup on what we are about 10 golden nuggets in the show really helpful information and in the next show we will be speaking to you live from Las Vegas at the ISM annual convention so that wraps up our show for manufacturing talk radio today. Thank you very one for listening.