The Riches and Perils of the Fossil Fuel Era

MFG Oil and Gas

If nations could agree a carbon tax, it would help create a more efficient, less polluting future Our ancestors lived in eras we call the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Ours is the “fossil-fuel age”. The energy we have extracted from the earth’s reserves of fossilised sunlight has spread (unequally shared) …

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Russian Energy Deal Comes at Contentious Time


LONDON — Even in more normal times in the oil industry, Westerners doing business with Russians seldom have a smooth ride. But in a period of ultralow prices and Western sanctions against Moscow, this is a particularly contentious moment to be in an energy deal with a Russian oligarch. Just ask John Browne, the former …

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U.S. Fracking Boom Won’t Bring Manufacturing Home: Analysts

Manufacturing Oil Rigs

While cheap natural gas and oil is drawing petrochemical companies back to the United States, companies that produce consumer goods are unlikely to follow because of high labor costs, a partner with the strategy and management consulting firm AT Kearney said in Chicago Wednesday. “The thought of actually shutting down capital investments in other parts of …

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