Episode 19: Bringing Good, Well Paying Jobs Back to America

How do we bring back good manufacturing jobs to America? Reshoring is essentially the opposite of offshoring, it is a term used to describe the act of bringing back offshored manufacturing to a country. Harry Moser from The Reshoring Initiative joins MFG Talk Radio to talk about bringing good, well-paying manufacturing jobs back to America. Daniel Feiman’s organization Build It Backwards provides a unique approach to management and training consulting services.

Episode 16: ISM 2014 Interview on Reshoring and Nevada

Harry Moser, Executive Director of Reshoring Initiative (www.reshorenow.org) discussing jobs coming back to America, and Ray Bacon, Executive Director of the Nevada Manufacturing Association (www.nvmanufacturers.org) discussing what has been happening at the state level in Nevada and neighboring states. These interviews were conducted live from ISM2014 at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.