The Power Of The Manufacturing Apprenticeship

Concerns surrounding the manufacturing skills gap continue to grow. Manufacturers are having an incredibly hard time finding qualified applicants to fill the growing number of new positions that are becoming available. Depending on which report you read, there could be anywhere between 2 and 3 million new manufacturing job openings to fill within the next decade, a majority might be left open if this trend continues.

Manufacturers are looking for new innovative ways to automate processes so they can relocate employees to more essential areas within their organization, but this has not been enough. So instead of looking for a new solution to an aging problem, manufacturing businesses are looking toward a tried and true method for cultivating new manufacturing talent, the apprenticeship.

The concept of an apprenticeship is centuries old, but manufacturers have put aside this valuable recruitment and training tool in recent decades. However, with the widening skills gap still plaguing the industry, manufacturers are starting to look toward this model once again and for good reason.

Manufacturing has become an entirely different beast to tame. Advanced digital systems, robotics, software, and all of the technology that makes up the modern manufacturing industry, requires a new kind of manufacturing employee. These new modern potential manufacturers are few and far between, but an apprenticeship program can change this.

By creating an apprenticeship program, a manufacturer can train and educate the potential manufacturer on the exact technology, software and processes that they will be using if they joined the workforce. An apprentice will be much more likely to continue working at the facility where they received their training if a position was offered. This is because when a company invests in an individual that person will appreciate that effort. Furthermore, they will already feel comfortable with the environment and ready to jump right in the thick of things once they are offered a position. This is what makes apprenticeship programs so powerful and helpful.

The skills gap will only continue to get worse if manufacturers don’t take it upon themselves to create a new talent pipeline. An apprenticeship program is an amazing way to get new talent walking through the factory doors and begin to fill the growing number of manufacturing positions available. Train and retain the talent that the modern manufacturing needs to thrive.

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