Episode 315: The Success Factors of ERP Implementations and the Myth of Failure

Ultra Consultants, founded by CEO Jeff Carr, helps companies select and implement manufacturing ERP and distribution software across numerous verticals to improve their competitive position and overall business performance. Using Mint Jutras and lead researcher Cindy Jutras, an independent research and advisory firm that specializes in analyzing the business impact of enterprise applications, Ultra Consultants conducted a survey to shake the myth of ERP System implementations being less than successful. Lew Weiss and Tim Grady are excited to discuss these results in this episode of Manufacturing Talk Radio.

Today's Guest

Jeff Carr
Guest Jeff Carr

Jeff Carr is Founder and CEO of Chicago-based Ultra Consultants, Inc., a leading independent research and enterprise solutions consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries. Jeff Carr is a sought-after expert and independent voice in enterprise system technology and how those systems can drive business process improvements in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Jeff’s organizations have helped over 1,200 manufacturing companies transform their business operations. Jeff’s results-focused career spans four decades serving manufacturers. He leads Ultra’s high-impact process improvement programs that leverage today’s technology. Jeff is a graduate of University of Illinois.

Manufacturing project teams are welcome to obtain the full study. The in-depth report resulting from the recent North American manufacturing survey is titled The Real Facts about ERP Implementation: Busting the Myth of Failure, But Are You Overrating Your Success?  

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