U.S. Manufacturing Continues Taking Impressive Steps Forward

It has been incredible to watch the U.S. manufacturing industry bounce back after years of struggle. Dwindling employment, factory closures and entire operations moving offshore threw the industry into a tailspin. However recent developments point to a new American Manufacturing industry, one that’s attractive to workers and offering more incentive to not only American businesses but foreign entities as well.

Public Perception Is Changing

The success of U.S. manufacturing stems from its public perception. Besides low wages, a reason businesses moved operations offshore was the difficulty of finding qualified individuals to work in the industry. Yet more and more, students are beginning to see the opportunity that awaits them in a manufacturing sector.

Industry 4.0 and the efforts of modern manufacturers to show how advanced the industry has become is helping to reverse the public perception of this important industry. Through events like Manufacturing Day, the industry has ways to show that manufacturing shook off its rusty old image and embraced the modern business environment. Qualified, educated and driven individuals beginning to making their way into the manufacturing field. This has caused businesses to become more confident that they’ll have a robust workforce to rely on.

The U.S. Repositions Itself As An Industry Leader

It’s not just the workforce that is beginning to show signs of improvement, U.S. businesses are excited to show off their success, too. Boeing just had a record-breaking year, delivering 763 commercial airplanes to customers. The aerospace manufacturer was proud to report that they picked up 912 net orders valued at $132.8 billion at list prices as well. The U.S. based aircraft manufacturer delivered more aircraft than any other manufacturer six times in a row, an industry record.

Even foreign companies are beginning to see the U.S. as an asset to their manufacturing operations. Samsung is planning to begin operations at the South Carolina washing machine factory this month. The plant marks Samsung’s first U.S. appliances factory in more than 30 years. The $380 million facility is expected to create 950 jobs, however, Samsung executives are waiting to see the U.S. government’s decision on tariffs. These tariffs would prevent LG Electronics Inc. and Samsung from flooding the U.S. market but the decision could affect the total number of jobs created.

The Reshoring Initiative

This amazing initiative to bring more jobs back to U.S. soil has made impressive progress over the past few years. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have returned and it doesn’t show signs of slowing anytime soon. South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Ohio are some of the states that have been experiencing a dramatic increase in reshored jobs. These four states have reshored more than 100,000 jobs between them. As reshoring manufacturing jobs continues to prove its value, the initiative will only continue to become more popular throughout the U.S. manufacturing community.

As the manufacturing industry continues to take these impressive steps forward, it’ll be vital to follow its progress. Things can change in an instant and manufacturing is moving forward at an incredible pace. Be sure to check back on MFGTalkRadio for the latest trends, developments and updates on the global manufacturing industry.





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