Episode 246: Ultra Consultants

This Week’s Episode

Manufacturers trying to throttle up their internal data systems have many software suppliers to vet, and eventually have to settle on one – but how can you be sure it is the right one. Ultra Consultants is an advisory firm to walk manufacturers through the supermarket of software after discussing their manufacturing needs and wants for modern manufacturing software, as well as help during the installation process. While each software provider has their own internal team or outside implementors to modify the software for each manufacturer’s use, they are focused on their solution. Ultra Consultants is focused on YOUR solution – what do you need, what do you want and how you can achieve it.  Big Difference.  Hear hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady interview Jeff Carr, CEO of Ultra Consultants, and get a powerful infographic that lays out your software options.

For more information on Ultra Consultants visit https://ultraconsultants.com/

Ultra Consultants
Jeff Carr
Guest Jeff Carr

Today’s Guest

Jeff Carr is Founder and CEO of Chicago-based Ultra Consultants, Inc., a leading independent research and enterprise solutions consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries. Jeff Carr is a sought-after expert and independent voice in enterprise system technology and how those systems can drive business process improvements in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Jeff’s organizations have helped over 1,200 manufacturing companies transform their business operations. Jeff’s results-focused career spans four decades serving manufacturers. He leads Ultra’s high-impact process improvement programs that leverage today’s technology. Jeff is a graduate of University of Illinois.