USMfgHour: The Next Step in Building a Stronger Industry

Over the past few years U.S. manufacturing has become a growing focus for not only those in the business but a major talking point for politicians as well. With the country’s eyes fixated on this essential industry, it is important to build a strong community of like minded individuals. With the help of Social Media this task has become much more achievable.

Thankfully, there are those out there already utilizing this powerful tool to gather some valuable voices across the United States. #USAMfgHour is a group created by the company Service Caster, a caster and wheel manufacturer located in West Reading, Pennsylvania. This group of manufacturers and industry influencers is being used to help coordinate ideas and best practices that will help improve the entire industry.

With many issues on the minds of manufacturers across the country such as the skills gap, automation, reshoring, recruitment, safety, and more, having an open forum to share ideas is critical in developing a more productive industry. Some of the questions already addressed in these discussions include manufacturers’ biggest recruitment challenges and solutions, as well as how various businesses keep their employees engaged. The group also posts what the topic for the upcoming week will be so that those interested in taking part can be prepared for the chat.

The #USAMfgHour chat takes place every Thursday on Twitter at 2 P.M. Eastern Time / 1 P.M. Central Time and is hosted by a rotating group of accounts every week. Those interested can find out who the upcoming host will be on the group’s Linkedin Page or simply search #USMfgHour on Twitter. We encourage anyone that would like to take part to follow the Linkedin group and especially follow @SERVICECASTER on Twitter.

Below you’ll find a small description of Service Caster we asked them to provide, please check them out if you have any caster or wheel needs.

About Service Caster: Service Caster Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of casters and wheels for commercial, home, and industrial use. Located in West Reading, PA, we sell casters over the phone through our in-house customer service team at 1-800-215-8220 or online at

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