Weekly Wrap Up for February 23, 2018

John Kennedy, President of the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program was joined by Lew Weiss, President of All Metals & Forge Group and co-host of Manufacturing Talk Radio summarizes their presentation to the New Jersey Legislative Bi-Partisan Manufacturing Caucus in Trenton, which was attended by other manufacturing leaders including Scott Mele, President of Tektite Industries, Matt Putt, Executive Director of Employment Horizons, Jim Minadeo, President of Zero Surge, Casey Muench-Bickhardt, President of GEMCO, and Gail Friedberg of ZaGO Manufacturing to discuss the minimum wage, the skills gap, workforce development and oppressive taxation with New Jersey State Senators Robert M. Gordon, Robert Singer and Linda Greenstein.

Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Stories in Manufacturing

Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Could Be on the Horizon for U.S. Imports

Some business leaders in the steel industry and unions such as United Steelworkers have been pressuring President Trump to keep his promise and address imported steel and aluminum. Last week marked an important first step to implementing tariffs on these vital goods. The U.S. Commerce Department revealed its recommendation for the U.S. to impose tariffs or quotas on aluminum and steel imports. It’s beginning to look like these trade measures may soon become a reality. (Read More)

Fly Me to Mars: NASA Developing Nuclear Propulsion Engine for Deep Space Travel

NASA is currently trying to get ahead of the game in the race to Mars by using technology that was decommissioned in the 1970’s. Nuclear powered rockets are the U.S. Space Agency’s latest answer to putting human feet on the distant planet. (Read More)

Boeing and Oerlikon Collaborate To Help 3D Printing Soar

Additive manufacturing also known as 3D printing has advanced to the point where it can be used for far more than just rapid prototyping. An ever-expanding list of available materials, increased accuracy and its amazing capabilities have lead to a 3D printing revolution. With its ability to manufacture complex geometries out of materials like Titanium, it caught the attention of the aerospace industry early on. Now, Boeing and engineering group Oerlikon have entered into a collaborative partnership to develop standard materials and processes for metal-based additive manufacturing for the aerospace industry. (Read More)

Scientists Use Machine Learning to Eliminate Error in Steel Classification

Scientist in Saarbrücken has used new machine learning techniques to develop revolutionary quality control procedures that are more accurate and objective than current standards. The researchers have published their findings in Scientific Reports, the open-access journal associated with the highly regarded scientific journal Nature. (Read More)

Women and Manufacturing

A good mentor can help fill the gaps in your resume, experience and skill sets. Hosts Andrea Olson and Desiree Grace discuss choosing the right mentor, (or mentors!), soft and hard skills gaps, the importance of asking the right questions and how to prioritize feedback. Andrea and Desiree share their personal experiences in finding and being a mentor on this episode of Women And Manufacturing.