Weekly Wrap Up for February 24th, 2017

Manufacturing Talk Radio’s Senior International Correspondents report in from Asia, North America and Europe about positive PMI figures coming out of most developed countries. A handful of established countries continue to struggle while developing countries are a mixed bag. Co-hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady add commentary to this at the end of the show. Tune in and stay tuned.

Here Are The Top Stories This Week In Manufacturing

Mining In The 21st Century: Wireless Sensor Communication Prevents Safety Hazards

Creating a safer environment in industrial settings continues to be a major focus for technology developers. Now the mining industry is taking steps to further improve safety with new wireless technology. A Norwegian-African cooperative project is currently developing a wireless network of sensors to help prevent mine explosions. (Read More)

Lessons From Local Motors: Modern Manufacturing In Action

Local Motors might be known for their for innovative 3D printed electric car, the Strati, but there’s another aspect of the business that needs to be recognized. Founder and CEO, Jay Rogers offers a brief look at what this incredible company is up to and how they handle the complex modern business environment. Olli is the company’s autonomous, electric powered bus that helped showcase their capabilities but now they want to show other manufacturers how they can achieve a high level of consistent innovation when it comes to product development. (Read More)

WYSIWYG 3D Holographic Printing – from Star Trek® to Your Desktop

The Microsoft Hololens is becoming more widely used in manufacturing. 3D printing in space has been conducted several times with the first privately commissioned part made just recently on the ISS. There has been a 3D printer aboard the ISS for a year to make simple parts needed at the moment instead of flying a gasket from Houston to the ISS. A 3D printed spine part made of titanium was successfully implanted in a 32-year old woman in India who would have died from spinal deterioration. (Read More)

Clean Energy in the United States: Long Islands New Offshore Wind Farm

Renewable energy in the United States has lagged behind most other developed nations. As the world continues to push for the advancement of clean energy the United States has begun taking steps to bolster their own clean energy infrastructure. The US will now be constructing the second ever offshore wind farm within the states. The location is set off the shore of Long Island and recently passed approval with a unanimous vote. (Read More)

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