Weekly Wrap Up for February 2nd, 2018

Tim Fiore, Committee Chair for the Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Report on Business speaks with co-hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady on the high Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) number of 59.1 largely shifted by Supplier Deliveries slowing and Inventories increasing with a 13.1% swing between New Orders at 65.4 and Inventories at 52.3 indicating a boom and bull market in manufacturing. Learn what it means by listening to this discussion.

Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Stories in Manufacturing

Boeing and Bombardier: The Battle Concludes

The U.S. International Trade Commision is ready to welcome Bombardier Inc.’s C Series jets back to America. After the passenger jets faced devastating U.S. tariffs last year, the aerospace manufacturer just received word that an American trade panel removed the duties. The ruling came down on Friday, January 26th, 2018 and was nothing short of a surprise to Boeing Co., the company behind the push to pursue tariffs on the Canadian plane maker. Boeing and Bombardier have been locked in a serious legal battle since the middle of 2017 and it seems as though it has finally come to an end. (Read More)

NAFTA Talks Lead to Cautious Optimism: Trade Analysts Look Forward

The ongoing discussions to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement moved from a consistent stalemate to actual negotiation during the sixth round of talks that finished up on Monday. Although Mexico, Canada, and the United States are still far from an agreement, it seems more likely that some sort of deal will be reached for this 24-year-old trade pact. (Read More)

ExxonMobil Makes a Push for U.S. Manufacturing

ExxonMobil was excited to announce their plans to invest over $50 billion in the United States over the next five years. The company cited corporate tax reform was partially responsible for this latest decision. Beyond the tax reform, the U.S. is producing crude oil at historic highs, creating even more motivation for oil companies to invest in U.S. operations. (Read More)

3D Printing Breakthrough: Revolutionizing Production of Magnets for Electric Motors

To manufacture the high-performance magnets used in electric motors, engineers will typically use processes like powder compaction for sintered magnets or injection molding for bonded magnets. These various processes take up time and require multiple steps. A talented pair of Canadian researchers wants to streamline this time-consuming process and completely revolutionize how these powerful magnets are produced. (Read More)

Women And Manufacturing

Soar like an eagle and never look back is just one of the nuggets of inspiring wisdom offered by Priyanka Komala as she shares her journey as a woman technologist and women-in- STEM/STEAM advocate. Her journey begins in India, where we learn about the critical importance of parental and cultural influences on women entering STEM fields, and progresses to the US where Priyanka is responsible for creating and delivering the web strategy and future technological direction for a $30M division of the US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Priyanka actively mentors other women and advocates for them via her leadership role in DC Web Women. Join us to learn about the personal, organizational, and societal benefits of grit, perseverance, collaboration, and engagement!