Weekly Wrap Up For February 3rd, 2017

Mr. Brad Holcomb, ISM Committee Chair for the Manufacturing Report on Business(R) presents the just released and northward-bound PMI number along with the all-important sub-indices of New Orders, Production, Employment, Supplier Deliveries and Inventories of raw materials or components used to make parts and products in manufacturing that show significant expansion in this critical industry sector. The comments from survey respondents support strongly improving conditions in manufacturing and the very favorable jump in the components of the PMI which are each weighted at 20%. Tune in to hear about New Orders – the key driver of manufacturing, as well as where expenditures for capital equipment may be headed in 2017.

Here Are The Top Stories This Week In Manufacturing

U.S. Oil Rig Count On The Rise: Manufacturers Hopeful For The Future

Oil futures moved higher on Monday (1/30/2017) and it had a major impact on the market here in the United States. Producers are pushing to profit off the rallying oil prices to make up for the dramatic drop in price we saw in February of 2016. Last week, data showed a sharp rise in U.S. output as oil rigs continue to become active all over the country. (Read More)

Trump Signs Executive Order Benefiting Small Businesses

The first month for the Trump administration was a busy one and the president is already no stranger to the executive order. Keeping up with the growing list of signed orders, President Trump has issued another executive order dealing with small business. (Read More)

General Motors and Honda Motor Co. Collaborative Partnership

A new collaborative effort has taken the automotive industry by storm. General Motors Co. and Honda Motor Co. took a huge step forward when it comes to developing vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells. This joint venture was put together to accelerate the development and implementation of these fuel cells for both companies’ vehicles. (Read More)

Boston Dynamics New Robot: How Manufacturers Can Benefit

Boston Dynamics is known for showing off some incredible technology. From bipedal robots to those resembling members of the animal kingdom, they’re always interesting to say the least. However, newly leaked footage from a presentation given by Boston Dynamics’ founder Marc Raibert, revealed a new robot concept and it’s called ‘Handle’. (Read More)