Weekly Wrap Up for January 13, 2017

S8-E11: Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair of the Institute for Supply Management’s Non-Manufacturing Report on Business

Listen Now – Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair of the Institute for Supply Management’s Non-Manufacturing Report on Business(R) reports on Manufacturing Talk Radio about the December 2016 findings from survey participants in the industries of the non-manufacturing sector, some of which feed the manufacturing sector in the U.S.

Here Are The Top Stories This Week In Manufacturing

OPEC Continues to Cut Production
OilThe world may see even larger oil production cuts as we move forward into 2017. OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) has already dramatically reduced production in compliance with their initial production cut agreement. However, further production cuts may be on the horizon for both OPEC members and non-member nations. [Read More]




The First “Clean Coal” Facility Opens in The United States
Coal miningThe United States opened its first, large scale “clean coal” facility on Tuesday. NRG Energy, Inc. and JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation have finally completed construction, on-budget and on-schedule, of Petra Nova. This marks the world’s largest post-combustion carbon capture system and it could have an impressive impact on the industry and the world. [Read More]





Leading The Next Generation of Millennial Manufacturers
young mfgThe modern millennial is most often found out of school and in a pile of debt. As they search for a career, the manufacturing industry needs to step up and show them what it has to offer. Initiatives like Manufacturing Day have renewed a sense of pride in manufacturing among younger generations, but there is more businesses can do. With a little insight into this complex generation and their work habits, manufacturing companies can become leaders of the next generation manufacturing workforce. [Read More]




Solar Roadways: Are They Really A Practical Solution?

Solar RoadwayRenewable energy and green concepts continue to make headlines around the world. Manufacturers are working vigorously to become more sustainable and politicians and regulations continue to incentivise the development of new green technology. The United States has made a strong effort to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions but there’s more work to be done. Businesses and policymakers are searching for innovative ways to create a more sustainable country and France may have some valuable input. [Read More]





Volkswagen: 6 Executives Charged in Emissions Scandal
vwFederal Prosecutors announced on Wednesday that criminal charges have been brought up on 6 Volkswagen executives. This news follows the company’s emissions cheating scandal that had recently made headlines. This is a surprising twist for the departing administration that was considered soft on corporate crime. [Read More]