Weekly Wrap Up for January 19th, 2018

Senior International Correspondents Royce Lowe and Chong Wang update listeners on manufacturing activity in the EU, the UK and Asia, including the ongoing Brexit saga along with the positives happening in Europe and China.

Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Stories in Manufacturing

What the Millennials Know

Every new generation develops and creates their own identity. Hippies in the 60’s, Yuppies in the 80’s, Hipsters in the 2010’s. This rebellion from the mainstream helped establish their identity and individuality at a time in their lives of discovery. Today’s millennials are no different. (Read More)


Ford Doubles Down on Electric Vehicles: Manufacturers Watching Closely

The world of automotive manufacturing continues to face disruptions around every turn. Digital technologies are revolutionizing the production process and an entirely new class of vehicles, electric vehicles (EV’s), are upending the industry. However, EV’s are now becoming a primary focus for major automotive manufacturers where they once were a novelty being produced only by the automotive startups such as Tesla. (Read More)

Oil and Gas in 2018: Price Estimates on the Rise

Both Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley increased their forecasts on crude prices this week. Goldman Sachs said that prices will soon go over their early predictions. Meanwhile, the international benchmark for oil prices, Brent crude, rose to $70.37 on Monday (1/16/18). U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude reached $64.89 on Tuesday, which is a 3 year high for both companies. (Read More)

Wisconsin Takes Proactive Steps to Bolster Their Modern Manufacturing Workforce

The skills gap continues to put pressure on the United States manufacturing industry. As jobs return and the necessary skills to fill these positions remain scarce, the country works toward offering the proper training to bolster the modern manufacturing workforce. One of the projects that aim at addressing the destructive skills gap is taking place in Wisconsin. (Read More)

Women And Manufacturing

Women And Manufacturing

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