Weekly Wrap Up For January 27th, 2017

The digital and dynamic world of modern manufacturing is developing so quickly that industry conferences and seminars are a must to stay ahead of the curve – or catch up to the curve. Manufacturing Talk Radio will be highlighting events hosted by ISM, FMA and the NJMEP on today’s show along with a calendar of events at mfgtalkradio.com for all participating industry organizations and academic institutions.  Be sure your events are posted at mfgtalkradio.com!


Here Are The Top Stories This Week In Manufacturing


President Trump Signs Executive Order Withdrawing U.S. Participation In The Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) quickly feel out of favor after the negotiations concluded. 12 nations agreed to the deal which would lower tariffs for countries located around the Pacific Rim. Negotiated under the Obama administration, it was never ratified by Congress. Now President Donald Trump has stepped in and signed an executive order focused on pulling the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. (Read More)

The Impact of Automation on the Industrial Workforce

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a technological revolution. Businesses are taking advantage of cheaper electronics and software offering them capabilities never before imagined. Small OEM’s and SME’s are able to afford incredible robotics systems and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is having a huge impact on the industrial manufacturing workforce. But how much of an impact and in what way is still up for debate. (Read More)

Manufacturing Meeting at White HousePresident Trump Meets With United States Manufacturers

President Trump met with business leaders from the country’s largest corporations to discuss the future of manufacturing in the United States. With plans to continue these meetings every quarter, this first formal meeting was to explain how the federal government would incentivize manufacturing within our nation’s borders. From promising to wipe out at least 75% of government regulations to fast-tracking plans to open factories, if these promises are met, it could lead to a monumental shift in the American manufacturing industry. (Read More)

Toyota Motor Corp. Set To Create 400 American Manufacturing Jobs

Another auto manufacturing giant invests in American manufacturing. Toyota Motor Corp. is ready to add 400 Indiana jobs with a $600 million USD investment. This is in response to President Trump’s recent statements regarding automotive manufacturing in the United States. (Read More)



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