Weekly Wrap Up: What You May Have Missed over Holiday Break

Hosts Lewis Weiss and Tim Grady take a look back at the top manufacturing stories of 2017 including the skills gap, robotics, additive manufacturing, the prison labor issue, Washington’s effect on manufacturing, Women And Manufacturing and much more. Stay tuned to hear predictions for the coming year with insight from industrial and economic reports from the Institute for Supply Management and others. Take a look back at 2017 and get a head start on 2018 with this important episode only on Manufacturing Talk Radio.

Here Are Some of the Stories You May Have Missed over Holiday Break

manufacuring review 2015A Manufacturing Year in Review

The manufacturing industry has taken so many impressive steps forward and MFG Talk Radio is excited to see what the new year will bring. With the year coming to an end, let’s reflect on some of the most impactful developments that have helped shape the modern industry. Below is a list of the most popular articles from 2017 and a link to previous shows along with a section on the latest series from the Manufacturing Broadcast Corporation, Women And Manufacturing. (Read More)

What Can Investors Expect for Tesla’s Q4 Deliveries?

As a new year approaches the biggest question of any Tesla investor is “How many Model 3s will the company be able to ship this quarter?” With only a few days remaining to finish up last minute 2017 shipments, the electric vehicle manufacturer is certainly trying to deliver as many of the vehicles as possible. (Read More)

The December 2017 Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business® has the PMI at 59.7%, up from 58.2% last month. Join us LIVE at 12 PM ET for an in-depth look at the report from Timothy R. Fiore, CPSM, C.P.M., Chair of the Institute for Supply Management. Don’t miss this unprecedented look at all of the factors that affect this critical manufacturing report. You won’t find this level of insight anywhere else so listen live at 12 PM ET ONLY on Manufacturing Talk Radio.

4 Reasons Robots Can’t Replace Everyone: The Human Element In Manufacturing

Automation continues to play a larger role throughout the global manufacturing industry. New technologies and a dwindling talent pool have lead industry leaders to rely more heavily on robotics. However, not all manufacturers are excited about the idea of robots stepping in for human employees and some fear a day when automated systems outperform the human workforce. (Read More)

UPS Teams Up With SAP and Fast Radius to Make On-Demand 3D Printing a Reality

UPS is slowly expanding beyond their logistics empire, delivering packages to homes and businesses around the globe and are now transforming into an on-demand manufacturer as well. The company’s shift from shipping goods to producing them is being led by their investments in 3D printing. (Read More)

Dr. Chris Kuehl, author of the National Association of Credit Managers (NACM.org) CMI report (Credit Manager’s Index report) explains why the CMI is not in sync with the PMI, with the CMI showing areas of concern after the robust new orders and purchasing activity of the past several months. Although the CMI has been in a one-month-up and one-month-down cycle in 2017, there are potential positive winds like lower corporate taxes and more consumer discretionary income that could trigger inflation. Tune in to hear what that might mean for the economy in 2018.

A Head Start on Machine Monitoring for 2018

For years, bringing machine monitoring onto a shop floor was viewed as a daunting task. With Industry 4.0 and IIoT becoming critical components for keeping up with international competition, machine monitoring is a game changer for companies in the manufacturing industry. (Read More)


The Benefits of Owning a Walk-Up Metrology System

Machinists typically need to do plenty of preparation before doing an initial run which involves checking parts and critical features. Various surfaces need to be spot checked and roundness or concentricity has to be confirmed. Most of the time these variables can be tested with a hand gauge however complex complaints may require a more advanced method. (Read More)

Women And Manufacturing

“You can either accept conditions as they exist or you can accept responsibility for changing them, Smart Women Make Changes…” says Leah Curry, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia, Inc..  Host Jennifer McNelly, President of 180 Skills LC interviews Leah Curry on the role of inspiring the next generation of women leaders in manufacturing.  Leah shares her perspective that if you are not working outside of your comfort zone, you are not learning.  She encourages women to raise their hand and take on the challenging assignments and challenge themselves.  Tune into “Smart Women Make Changes” to listen to Leah’s journey from Mouse Trap to President with lessons along the way.