Weekly Wrap Up for April 13th, 2018

Hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady interview Paul Ryznar, founder and CEO of OPS Solutions and creator of Light Guide Systems—a revolutionary augmented reality (AR) tool that uses projected lights and proprietary software to transform manufacturing, assembly and training processes in virtually every industry from automotive to medical. LGS combines the best of human intelligence and technology to optimize manual processes and works with operators to save and improve manufacturing jobs. Hear about a cool new technology in manufacturing!

Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Stories in Manufacturing

Battery Manufacturer ATLASBX Co. Ltd. Is Opening Their First U.S. Facility in Clarksville, Tennessee

Following an extensive, nation-wide search, South Korean battery manufacturer ATLASBX Co. Ltd. announced plans to open their first US manufacturing plant in Clarksville Tennessee. For more than 74 years, ATLASBX has been manufacturing high-quality batteries for almost every application. This announcement marks their first manufacturing facility outside of South Korea. (Read More)

Trade warU.S. Manufacturers Fear Tariffs Will Hurt Recovery

Despite President Trump’s assertion that trade wars are easily won, there are fears among U.S. manufacturers that a trade war with China and other countries could adversely affect the recovery in the manufacturing sector. Since Trump won the presidential election in November 2016, more than 300,000 new jobs have been added in the manufacturing sector throughout the country, making it one of the best periods for manufacturers in decades. In March 2018 alone, 22,000 new jobs were added in the sector. (Read More)

MMBCMidwest Manufacturing Business Coalition Hosts Manufacturing Roundtable Event

The Midwest Manufacturing Business Coalition will hold a Manufacturing Roundtable on April 25th, 2018 in Davenport, Iowa, at St. Ambrose North Education Center, from 8:00am-12:00pm. The event is sponsored by St. Ambrose. (Read More)

Apple HQApple Now Runs On 100% Renewable Energy

In 2017 Apple said that 96% of its facilities were operating using renewable energy. Last week the company announced that 100% of the facilities owned by the company were operating solely on renewable energy. These facilities include its headquarters in Cupertino, offices and data centers in various countries as well as all retail stores selling Apple products. The company also noted that 23 of its manufacturing partners for were also planning to only use energy from renewable sources in the near future. (Read More)

Women And Manufacturing

Please join us for a dynamic, high-energy, and often-humorous interview with Jian Cao, PhD and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University and host Barbara Trautlein, Chief Catalyst at Change Catalysts. Dr. Cao busts myths about manufacturing, describing the field as an “integration platform” and likening it to a “candy store, because there is so much variety, you can surely find something you will enjoy.” This free-ranging conversation spans her journey to become an engineer to her role in mentoring young women and men from across the globe as a professor, replete with actionable advice for obtaining the feedback and support one needs to build self-confidence and an empowering network. Moreover, she shares specific governmental grant resources women can obtain for funding manufacturing related-start- ups and lessons learned from her position as Board member of mHUB, Chicago’s first innovation center focused on physical product development and manufacturing.

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