Weekly Wrap Up For April 21, 2023

Artem Kroupenov, VP Strategy at Augury, discusses how AI is working in manufacturing plants to maintain machine health and overall plant efficiency, creating a rapid ROI along with all the benefits AI brings to the Big Data picture.

U.S. ManufacturingManufacturing Companies Double Commitments

Companies have committed more than $200 billion to U.S. manufacturing projects as President Biden’s “effort to spark a new industrial revolution gains momentum,” according to a new Financial Times report. (Read More)


Can Ocean Waves Power The Grid? New Technology is Bringing us Closer Than Ever

As wind blows across the surface of the sea, it transfers loads of energy — in the form of a wave — to the water below. In fact, research suggests the ocean’s waves could offer limitless renewable energy — enough to help meet the world’s immense power demands as we shift away from fossil fuels in the coming decades. (Read More)

Liz Prestella is a tire specialist and mechanic in NASCAR as well as the founder of Torq’d Clothing, a clothing line that makes work wear designed for women by women in racing and similar trade industries. On today’s episode of the Hazard Girls podcast, Host Emily Soloby sits down with Liz to learn all about how following her passions led her to where she is today.