Weekly Wrap Up For April 28, 2023

Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. and Manufacturing Talk Radio Host Lew Weiss discuss the current state of reshoring and possible solutions to reducing our $1.2 trillion trade deficit with China.

Kerrie Jordan, Vice President of Product Management – Data Platform at Epicor discusses working in manufacturing from the perspective of the employee, based on the “Findings from the Voice of the Essential Manufacturing Worker” survey of 200 manufacturing workers by Epicor. This insightful conversation with show host Lew Weiss is Part One of a two-part series discussing internal manufacturing relationships in the near-term.

In this week’s episode of ‘Manufacturing Think Tank With Cliff Waldman,’ host Cliff Waldman welcomes McKinsey and Company partner Charles Atkins to discuss McKinsey’s latest productivity study of which he is a coauthor. After summarizing the basic findings of the research, Charles answers a wide range of questions on such issues as measurement challenges in productivity research, the role of technology in productivity outcomes and the impact of management practice on productivity performance. The episode concludes with a discussion of supply chains and their relationship to productivity outcomes.

Today’s guest on the Hazard Girls podcast is Julie Berman, host & producer of the “Women With Cool Jobs” podcast and a Sparkologist. As a Sparkologist,  Julie helps people and teams do more work that sparks them. Host Emily Soloby learns what it means to be a Sparkologist, the infinite possibilities for women who want a cool job, and how you can get insight into what sparks you.