Weekly Wrap Up For April 29, 2022

For more than a decade, Harry Moser, founder and CEO of the Reshoring Initiative (www.reshorenow.org), has been an industry leader and champion for reshoring products and jobs that went overseas. He has spoken at industry conferences, trade shows, and in the halls and offices of government across the country to deliver his message to bring back products and jobs to America. Now, Harry lends his voice to the national discussion in his own podcast, Moser on Manufacturing, produced by JacketMediaCo.com. In this episode, Harry talks about the various government agencies available to manufacturers to reshore products and jobs, and the competitive, bottom-line benefits.

steel ironBiden Admin Announces Requirements for U.S. Made Steel, Iron for Infrastructure

Last week, the Biden administration took a key step toward ensuring that federal dollars will support U.S. manufacturing with a new set of requirements for how projects funded by the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package source their construction material. (Read More)

TeslaTesla Reports Impressive Output From Shanghai Factory Despite Lockdown

According to new information released by the China Passenger Car Association, Tesla managed to have an impressive March in terms of production despite multiple lockdowns caused by a spike in Covid-19 cases in the country. (Read More)

Chip Shortage Ford Experiences First-Quarter Sales Slump Over Chip Shortage

On Monday, Ford revealed that its sales of new vehicles in the U.S. declined by 17% during the first quarter, including a 26% slide this past March, as it continues to battle a global shortage of semiconductor chips. The company reported a total first-quarter sales figure of 432,132 vehicles, including 159,328 units in March. Those figures were in line with analyst expectations. (Read More)

Today’s guest believes that manufacturing plays a vital role in creating new technologies to build a better world. Cathy Ma is the VP of Platform Growth and Engagement at ThomasNet, now owned by Xometry. She is passionate about using information, research, and knowledge to help all manufacturers, big or small, to thrive. Tuning in, you’ll hear about how Thomas, as a leading source for industrial resourcing, is an asset to the manufacturing industry. Cathy explains that apart from helping manufacturers get suppliers in a fast and reliable way, Thomas also collects audience intelligence and disseminates helpful information, resources, and data to free members. You’ll hear about the research that Thomas is currently conducting, and some of the trends that they have identified. You’ll also learn how Thomas is supporting American manufacturers, how their technology can help you overcome labor shortages, and how it can help you find alternate suppliers in the face of supply chain challenges. To find out how Thomas is democratizing manufacturing capacity for all, what’s next for the company, and how to become part of the Thomas community to benefit from its initiatives, tune in today!

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