Weekly Wrap Up For April 2nd, 2021

Tim Fiore, Committee Chairman of the ISM’s Manufacturing Report on Business® discusses the March 2021 Purchasing Manager’s Index report details and the strengthening of our economy.

chip shortageAuto Manufacturers Extend Production Cuts Due to Chip Shortages

The microchip shortage has been making a noticeable impact on the auto manufacturing industry. As a result of the shortages, companies have had to reduce or even temporarily halt production in order to maintain an adequate number of chips. (Read More)

360-Degree Global Economic ReportsU.S. Leads in Global Economic Expansion, According to March Report

With one year having passed since the Covid-19 pandemic began in the U.S., many are curious as to what the economic trajectory of the country looks like. This is especially important for gauging how effective the economic recovery efforts taken by the government have been. Now, a new March report from IHS Markit shows just how well the U.S. is performing compared to four of its main contemporaries. (Read More)

Our guest on today’s show is a woman in manufacturing with a PhD in material science and a passion for gender related issues, so much so that she has written two books on the subject. Tanushree moved to the United States to study because she wanted to have freedom of choice that she didn’t feel she had as a woman in her home country, India. She ended up in the manufacturing world completely by accident but she is very glad that she did, for reasons that she shares with us today. Tanu has a deep drive to enhance gender equality and help other women understand their worth. Our conversation delves into the ways in which women are underrepresented and undervalued in the workplace and Tanu shares advice on how we can start to change this. We discuss the importance of learning how to communicate your desires, not taking criticism personally, and always supporting other women on the journey they are on, even if it is different to your own. As women, we are often made to feel like we don’t belong in certain fields or positions, but that narrative is false, and as Tanu urges, “never undervalue yourself.” Don’t miss out on this inspirational episode!