Weekly Wrap Up For April 30th, 2021

In this episode of ‘Cliff Notes on the Global Manufacturing Picture’ host Cliff Waldman addresses two issues of importance to both the US manufacturing outlook and the broad US economic outlook. He first discusses the reasons that manufacturing growth has been slowing even as overall economic growth may be accelerating. Secondly, in light of concerns about the US inflation outlook,Cliff discusses the impact of manufacturing supply chain difficulties on goods inflation, supporting his remarks with worrisome data.

wind turbineConstruction of Largest U.S. Wind Facility Begins in New Jersey

As green energy sources become more popular, it’s expected that solar and wind energy will see a major ramp up in the near future. In turn, this could create rather lucrative construction opportunities. One state in particular which is aiming to take advantage of this is New Jersey, where construction on what will be the nation’s largest wind manufacturing facility has recently begun. (Read More)

Wallbox Begins Scouting for U.S. Manufacturing Location

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, so does their need for charging stations. This has resulted in impressive growth for charging solution companies like Wallbox and the Barcelona-based company is now scouting out locations for their first U.S. manufacturing facility. (Read More)

Hear Dirck Schou, Co-Founder and CEO of Taqtile, describe a simple software solution that transfers the skill set of the expert worker to the newbie worker and reduce the learning curve from years or months to weeks or even days.

As the co-founder and general partner of REFASHIOND Ventures, the co-founder of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation, and the founder of the New York Fashion Tech Lab, Lisa Morales-Hellebo’s life has always been closely tied to technology.

At REFASHIOND, Lisa works to help companies reframe their supply chain processes and goals to keep up with global, socio-cultural demands. Her extensive knowledge has already helped numerous companies use supply chain innovation to drive higher output and sales, and better optimize and personalize the supply chain experience for customers. Fusing together her years of experience, Lisa also co-wrote and published The World is a Supply Chain.

Lisa’s successes were also preceded by hardships that she believes have shaped her story. As a young child growing up in Westchester County, Lisa, who is a proud Latino, was aware of the gender and racially driven division that existed within her community. This transformed Lisa’s perspective and led to her passion for positively emphasizing diversity.

Today, Lisa continues to act on her passions as an advocate for organizations that help minorities gain access to opportunities for funding, championship, and growth. She also serves on multiple advisory boards, has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets, and was named of one of the top 100 women in supply chain for two years in a row by Supply Chain Digital.

Based on her impressive credentials alone, it’s clear that entrepreneurship, technology, supply chain, and activism are all a part of Lisa’s DNA — and she plans on keeping it that way.