Weekly Wrap Up For August 13th, 2021

Dr. Chris Kuehl, Managing Partner with Armada Corporate Intelligence, presents the National Association of Credit Management’s CMI (Credit Manager’s Index) Report.

Hanwha Cimarron Alabama ManufacturingHanwha Cimarron to Invest $130 Million Into New Alabama Manufacturing Plant

This past Wednesday, Hanwha Cimarron LLC announced their new plans to invest $130 million into building a new manufacturing facility in Opelika, Alabama. The company, which produces filament-wound carbon fiber tanks and pressure vessels, expects that the new facility will lead to the creation of over 260 new jobs. (Read More)

Jobs reportU.S. Posts The Largest Monthly Jobs Gain in Nearly a Year

In recent months, the U.S. has been seeing a steady climb of new jobs being added back as the nation continues to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest jobs report shows that this recovery seems to not only be on track but making better progress than expected. (Read More)


On today’s episode, Linda Rigano speaks with a true frontierswoman and inspiring leader in world-class tech. You’ll hear about her background, growing up in the Rocky Mountains, and the powerful role her strong single mother had as a role model in her life. We touch on the core values taught to her in childhood that have made her who she is today, and the logical framework of asking what can be done to change what doesn’t feel right that forms the basis of her work today. She goes on to tell us how seeing first-hand the disconnect between policy and real-life inspired her to pursue an education in how things really worked. We delve into Aidan’s studies and what sparked her interest in working at Apple before she tells us what she loved about her experience there. Next, she tells about her six-year journey with Samsara and the mix of real-world operating experience and manufacturing knowledge she has acquired. She also shares the best advice she’s received, who she considers to be her biggest source of inspiration, and why she would choose flying if she could pick any superpower. We hope you join us for an action-filled episode today!

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