Weekly Wrap Up For August 25, 2023

Eden Higgins, Vice President of Practice Development at The Duffy Group, discusses how headhunters find highly-qualified, vetted candidates that save you time and money in the hiring process.

Dr. Chirs Kuehl, the highly-respected economist from Armada Corporate Intelligence talks about the balance of 2023, Shortages in Chips and Rare Earths, Issues with EV, and Manufacturing Headwinds – but Not a Recession.

Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair for the Services Report on Business® highlights the strengths in the Services Sectors although the report translates into about one percent GDP growth for 2023.

The Hazard Girls podcast welcomes Olivia Olczak Day, President & CEO of Day Media to the show. Olivia discusses her early days in fax and copy machine sales and how cold calling, knocking on doors, and ducking security to get her foot in the door helped her develop her incredible work ethic and the ability to accept “no” and keep going. Today she runs Day Media, a one-stop, boutique digital marketing agency servicing the Construction, Legal, Finance, and Technology industries. Olivia shares some valuable career advice and sage wisdom so don’t miss this episode of the Hazard Girls Podcast!