Weekly Wrap Up For August 27th, 2021

On this episode of Manufacturing Partnerships… Making Waves: Watch as Christina Renna, President & CEO, the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey joins John W. Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP as they discuss the partnership between the MEP centers and chambers of commerce in their state and how each party can benefit from this match made in heaven.

quality improvementBreaking the Failure Cycle to Drive Continuous Quality Improvement

Industry 4.0 is upon us, and companies are at a pivotal moment as more industry leaders lean into these digital solutions. Over the past year, 85% of global industry executives have invested in Connected Worker solutions, a trend that will only continue to experience future growth. However, despite these investments, less than half of manufacturing companies have deployed digital, wearable, mobile, or sensor technologies in their operations that their frontline workers will and want to use. (Read More)

Manufacturing surgeU.S. Manufacturing Surged in July, According to Federal Reserve

As the U.S. economy has continued to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, many are watching to see just how much room the economy has to grow before growth becomes inflationary. After a slight dip in June, it seems that there is still a good amount of “slack” left based on the newest July reports. (Read More)

Factory North CarolinaCanadian Pet Treat Producer to Build 1st U.S. Factory in North Carolina

On Thursday, the North Carolina Department of Commerce announced a new manufacturing addition to the state’s economy. The Crump Group, a Canadian-based pet treat manufacturer, will be building their first U.S. factory in the state. The $13.2 million manufacturing and distribution center will be located in Nashville, N.C., and is expected to create 160 new jobs in the area. It’s anticipated that it will also grow the state’s economy by $650.5 million. (Read More)

Today on the Women and Manufacturing Podcast, we talk about how the right software systems can greatly improve productivity. We are joined by Deb Geiger, the VP of global marketing at Aegis Software. Founded in 1997 by two manufacturing engineers, Aegis has over 20 years of experience providing world-class software to customers around the globe, spanning more than 2200 factories sites across the electronics, medical, automotive, military, and aerospace industries. Today Deb introduces us to the truly unique and highly adaptive manufacturing operations management platform that Aegis supplies. Through their FactoryLogix system, they provide industry 4.0 capabilities out of the box for manufacturers of all sizes, without requiring armies of engineers to customize that system for agility and adaptability. Listening in, you’ll hear how this software differs from an ERP system, the types of data their ontological data system produces, and how it contextualizes data in a meaningful way. Find out how the right software can help your company with regulatory compliance, greatly minimize the impact of a recall, enable a high level of personalization for the demands of your customers, and greatly enhance workforce productivity.

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