Weekly Wrap Up For February 3, 2023

The latest Manufacturing ISM Report has the Manufacturing PMI at 47.4%. As the PMI continues to tumble, Timothy Fiore, Chair of the ISM Manufacturing Business Survey Committee gives us an inside look at the report and insight into what the future may hold for the manufacturing industry.

Tesla FactoryTesla Shares Slide Amid Decreasing Demand, Logistics Issues

Tesla has experienced a rough start to 2023, with shares plunging by more than 14% this past Tuesday as the company continues to experience concerns with lowered demand and logistical problems. (Read More)


The Manufacturing ISM Report On Business for January 2023

Economic activity in the manufacturing sector contracted in January for the third consecutive month following a 28-month period of growth, say the nation’s supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business®. (Read More)


HX3 Common Tactical TruckGeneral Motors Wins $14 Billion Tactical Truck Contract

American Rheinmetall Vehicles and GM Defense have won a contract for the first phase of the U.S. Army’s Common Tactical Truck (CTT) Program. The program aims to replace the Army’s heavy tactical trucks with up to 40,000 trucks valued at $14 billion. The two companies formed a strategic collaboration in 2022 to offer the HX3 Common Tactical Truck (HX3-CTT) with advanced technologies for improved soldier capability, fuel efficiency, cybersecurity, and more. The HX3-CTT features an advanced protected cab design, ADAS, and open systems electrical architecture for rapid integration of autonomous capabilities. The truck is based on the successful HX family of tactical trucks, offering commercial technology and best practices for reducing obsolescence risk and expanding parts availability. The HX family is globally recognized and has been sold to 20 countries, including NATO allies. (Read More)

On this episode of Women And Manufacturing host Lydia Di Liello welcomes Ivana Bertuzzelli, Vice President of Portfolio Analytics at Intech Investment Management. Ivana invites us all to “sit back and enjoy the show” as she explains the complex world of investment management. As Ivana explains, we invest with the hope that we are going to make money by buying low and selling high, and too often that is our only definition of performance. Ivana Helps us understand that the true meaning of performance is outperforming expectations. All this and much more on this episode of Women And Manufacturing.

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