Weekly Wrap Up For January 14th, 2022

Dr. Chris Kuehl, Managing Partner with Armada Corporate Intelligence, discusses the Credit Manager’s Index.

American Factory OrdersAmerican Factory Orders Saw Strong Increase in November

According to new information released by the Commerce Department, new orders for U.S.-manufactured goods accelerated significantly in November, while business spending on equipment seemed to struggle to rebound in the fourth quarter. (Read More)


top-selling automakerToyota Becomes First Foreign Auto Company to Top U.S. Sales

2021 was a difficult year for auto manufacturers who struggled to meet demand due to the ongoing global chip shortage and lingering impacts of Covid-19. Despite these issues, Toyota still managed to make history by unseating General Motors as the top-selling automaker in the United States last year, becoming the first manufacturer based outside the country to achieve that feat in the industry’s nearly 120-year history. (Read More)

Tesla recallTesla to Recall Over 475,000 Cars in the U.S.

The last year was another major one for Tesla, as they saw continued growth and sales while other auto companies experienced delays and other manufacturing problems. However, a new major recall seems set to potentially stump much of the company’s momentum going into 2022. (Read More)

In today’s episode of Women in Manufacturing, Frances Brunelle speaks with Belinda Donavant, Senior Director of Engineering for Canon Virginia, Inc. Since opening its doors in 1985, Canon has made substantial capital investments of over $700 million in five facilities, totaling two million square feet and employing over 2,000 people. Belinda has an electrical engineering background and has held a variety of different positions with Canon, including in the product engineering, business development, and industrial engineering and innovation departments, some of which we dive into in today’s episode. We also touch on the criteria that Canon Virginia Inc. looks for in its suppliers, how those correlate with the qualities of a successful manufacturing business, and how the engineering and manufacturing fields can attract more women, and Belinda shares her advice for young women in the industry: play to your strengths! Tune in today to hear some valuable insights and so much more from an inspiring leader who is passionate about manufacturing!

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