Weekly Wrap Up For January 21st, 2022

Ryan Jennings, the owner and operator of WYSIWYG Marketing, discusses the vital importance of having up-to-date content in a current industrial website design as search engines change their algorithms, meaning you may not be found.

HondaHonda Still on the Fence About U.S. EV Manufacturing

Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. recently stated that it’s still undecided on where to manufacture EVs in the United States, questioning the country’s demand despite soaring sales numbers from competitors miles ahead in their own electrified transitions. (Read More)

solarSolar Set to Comprise 50% of U.S. Electricity Generation in 2022

According to a new report released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, almost half of the planned 2022 electric capacity additions in the United States are expected to be solar.  With 46.1 gigawatts of new utility-scale electric generating capacity projected to be added to the U.S. power grid, the EIA’s Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory report expects 21.5 GW of that to be solar. This planned new capacity would exceed 2021’s 15.5 GW of solar capacity additions. (Read More)

Statistics show that 80 percent of the information we receive comes through our eyes. This fact is key to the most significant developments in intralogistics. Picavi is the perfect symbiosis of modern technology and natural movement, using smart glasses for visual guidance and creating useful intelligence to reduce worker fatigue and increase efficiencies. In today’s episode, Lydia DiLiello speaks with Alison Walker, Head of Marketing for Picavi, about the smart technology products that Picavi provides and how their wearable solutions can assist you in navigating supply chain interruptions and improving warehouse workflow. We also touch on the opportunities available for women in supply chain and logistics and the importance of mentorship programs for women in STEM, plus so much more! To learn more about how Picavi is looking into the future, be sure not to miss this informative conversation!

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