Weekly Wrap Up For January 28th, 2022

In the opening episode for 2022 Host Cliff Waldman provides an assessment of the significant and unusual risks in the U.S. economy and U.S. manufacturing outlook for 2022.

IntelIntel Announces Location of New U.S. Chip Plant

On Friday, Intel revealed the location of their highly anticipated new American semiconductor plant. The new facility, which will be located in Ohio, is poised to potentially become the largest chip plant in the world. (Read More)

HondaHonda Joins U.S. Company to Produce EV Batteries

Japanese carmaker Honda has signed a joint development agreement with Boston-based EV battery company SES Holdings in order to develop new lithium-metal batteries for their electric vehicles. This joint development agreement with SES is part of the overall battery strategy of Honda. (Read More)

U.S. FactoriesU.S. Factories Saw Unexpected Decline in December

After a rather strong November, production at U.S. factories unexpectedly fell in December, with numbers pulled down by a decline in output at motor vehicle plants due to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage. (Read More)


Do you want to learn about Silicon Valley best practices for growing and scaling companies, the Valley’s unique vantage point for evaluating startups, and what rules can and should be broken in the course of building a global business? Well, this is the episode for you! Today, Rosemary Coates speaks with Michelle Lane Messina, CEO of Explora International, about the best practices of Silicon Valley and how you can apply them to your business. Michelle is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and workshop leader, a member of the Startup Chile Board, and the co-author of the bestselling book, Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide. Tuning in, you’ll discover how to create a valuable feedback loop with your market, find ways to collaborate, and ask the right questions to filter through the ‘happy talk’, plus so much more. Make sure not to miss this conversation for colorful stories, surprising anecdotes, and telling insights about what really happens in Silicon Valley!

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