Weekly Wrap Up for January 6, 2023

Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair for the Services ISM Report on Business® discusses the latest report.

Pick Up The Pace

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve operations and
grow their share of business. The internet can be a Niagara Falls of information, and manufacturers are standing below it with only a teacup. Manufacturing Outlook and Manufacturing Talk Radio’s audience, however, is above the falls, observing the information stream before it becomes a cascading torrent. (Read More)

North American Outlook

There are the basics as far as the 2023 economy is concerned, and there has not been all that much consensus among analysts. The most pressing sets of questions obviously concern the potential for a recession and the corollary regarding the path of inflation. Frankly, there is fodder for both the “glass half empty” crowd as well as for the “glass half full” position. Much of the variability revolves around the pace of interest rate hikes. (Read More)

The Manufacturing ISM Report On Business for December

Economic activity in the manufacturing sector contracted in December for the second consecutive month following a 29-month period of growth, say the nation’s supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business®. (Read More)


For our first episode of the year, Women And Manufacturing is proud to welcome Wendy Feldstein to the podcast. Wendy works for Crestron Electronics, a global leader in audio-visual automation and integration. In this episode, Wendy takes us through the incredible parallel origin stories of Crestron, her father’s company, and her journey to her current role as Vice President of Design. From the company’s humble beginnings in her family’s basement, with Wendy bending resistors and capacitors after school to help get the fledgling company off the ground, Wendy shares her story of navigating her way through the heavily male-dominated electronics industry and the positive changes she’s seen along the way. Don’t miss this inspiring episode of the Women And Manufacturing podcast.