Weekly Wrap Up For July 15th, 2022

Doctors and nurses could only practice in the state where they were licensed before and throughout Covid.  Now, a new medical compact between states allows doctors to practice in 34 states with a modified licensing process, and nurses can practice in 39 states with a similar licensing process.  These medical compacts between states allow doctors and nurses to travel to the hotspots to help, or move to a new state without having to go through the entire licensing process starting from scratch.  Although Covid is still with us, the Delta variant crisis has passed, and the new Omicron Ba5 variant is much less virulent.  States have awakened to the need for qualified health care help in times of crisis by signing on to the medical compacts.  State-to-state medical mobility is great news for health care professionals and the general public should another pandemic arise.

Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair for the ISM’s Services Report on Business® discusses the latest report.

Tim Fiore says, “Calm down.” Manufacturing Talk Radio reports that the underlying factors of the 53 PMI number are positive when you gain an understanding of the details.

Manufacturing is an amazing career choice and people seem not to understand that they can have a wonderful life taking up a career in this industry. Our guest today is passionate about informing kids and their parents that just because you go into a trade and start working right out of high school, does not mean that you lose the opportunity to go to college. More often than not, employers like herself want to invest in their employees and companies. Today, we welcome to the show, Kristin Carlson, who is President of Peerless Precision, Inc. in Westfield, Massachusetts. Peerless is a small, precision machine shop specializing in the manufacturing of complex mechanical components, mainly for the aerospace and defense industries. Kristin is the previous president of the Western Massachusetts chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association. She also currently serves as trustee, a member of the board, and sits on advisory/steering committees for Westfield Technical Academy’s Manufacturing Program, West Springfield High School’s Pathways to Prosperity Program, Agawam High School’s Manufacturing Program, and Forge. Kristin has extensive experience in purchasing, sales, supply chain management, and operations management. She is extremely passionate when it comes to changing the outdated narrative that encompasses manufacturing, bringing more women into manufacturing, and educating students on the many career paths and opportunities that are available in advanced manufacturing. Stay tuned for this insightful conversation as we hear all about it from Kristin herself in today’s episode.

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