Weekly Wrap Up For July 16th, 2021

Sebastian Elmgren, Smart Manufacturing Portfolio Manager at Ericsson, discusses how Industry 4.0 is driving the flexibility, innovation, and efficiencies found in 5G for wireless communications in new technology for manufacturers, from operations and production to logistics and warehousing.

employmentAmerican Companies Added 692,000 New Jobs in June, Says New Data

In recent months, the U.S. economy has been rebounding from the Covid-19 pandemic with an increasing number of new jobs. Now, a new report further indicates just how well the economy is recovering. (Read More)


AmtrakAmtrak to Invest $7.3 Billion into New Northeastern Trains

Improving infrastructure has been one area that has garnered bipartisan support. As talks continue on a major infrastructure bill in Congress, one of the major companies behind America’s rail systems is beginning a large overhaul of their own. (Read More)


Boring companyBoring Company Gets Approval to Begin Operations in Florida

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has been garnering serious interest from many cities for its unique underground transportation system. Following the completion of their Las Vegas Convention Center loop, it seems they’ll be starting a new project, this time on the East Coast. (Read More)


Today on the Women and Manufacturing Podcast, we delve into the subject of SBA lending. Fran Brunelle is joined by Michelle Orr of Live Oak Bank, the number one SBA lender in the nation for the past three years in a row and a great option for financing M&A deals. Michelle comes to Live Oak with 22 years of experience in SBA lending. In the last 11 years alone, she has closed over $185 million in SBA loans. She is one of the best in the industry and, today, she is going to tackle some of your many questions on the subject. Find out why Live Oak is different from other SBA lenders, what being a preferred lender nationwide means for your loan, and how Live Oak’s limits on goodwill differ from other banks. Hear about what you can expect when applying for an SBA loan, what funds you should have beyond a down payment before applying, and how you can prepare for the due diligence process. Given that this is such a good time to acquire, make sure to tune in today!

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