Weekly Wrap Up for June 25th, 2021

Join John Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP and Matt Guse, President, MRS Machining, as they discuss the workforce challenge on how to engage the younger generation and get them interested in the world of manufacturing.

U.S. Industrial Production Up in May, According to Federal Reserve

As Covid-19 vaccinations continue to roll out across the U.S., many industries are beginning to resume normal levels of production. Now, a new report from the Federal Reserve shows that overall industrial production has been continuing to climb back up as the economy recovers. (Read More)


Senate Passes New Major Tech and Manufacturing Bill

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tech and manufacturing sectors have become major areas for policy shifts. The setbacks, delays and supply line disruptions have caused members on both sides of the aisle to call for more funding to be set aside to strengthen these fields. Now, a newly passed bill heading to President Biden could be one of the key bipartisan triumphs of 2021. (Read More)

Today on The WAM Podcast, host Frances Brunelle of Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers interviews Maggie Oltarzewski, the Sales and Marketing Engineer for Balyo AGV Systems. Balyo is a company doing some truly incredible things in the tech industry, having a unique intelligence technology that turns standard electric trucks into standalone intelligent robots. Maggie talks about the partnerships that they’ve established for the manufacturing of their robots, as well as the autonomous transformation that’s currently going on and how it’s allowing companies to scale at a faster rate.