Weekly Wrap Up For June 4th, 2021

Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair of the ISM’s Services Report on Business(R) presents a remarkably strong Semi-Annual Forecast for the balance of 2021.

Satellite facility in Redmond, WASatellite Producer Xplore Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Redmond, WA

As interest in commercial space ventures continues to grow, many space-focused companies are seeing a prime opportunity to expand. While the Covid-19 pandemic did cause delays in expansion plans, these companies are now able to begin moving on to their next stages for growth. One such company is Xplore, which has recently opened a new manufacturing facility in the U.S. (Read More)

Offshore wind farmNew California Deal Could Kickstart U.S. Offshore Wind Boom

As the shift to renewable energy sources continues, many industries such as solar power are planning to see new increases in production and overall business. However, there is one sector which is seeing rapid growth thanks to a government agreement: offshore wind. (Read More)


Aluminum tariffsTrump Aluminum Tariffs Revived U.S. Industry, Says Think Tank

During his presidency, many critics of President Trump raised concerns over the string of tariffs raised as part of his economic policy. Key among them was the 10% increase of aluminum, which went into effect in March of 2018 and still are in place under President Biden. Now, a new report from a leading think tank contends that these tariffs played a major role in boosting America’s national manufacturing. (Read More)

Daniela Dubois is a Product Manager at Engineering Intent — the world’s leading provider of enterprise and engineering automation tools and solutions, and the developer of Knowledge Bridge. Knowledge Bridge is a cloud-based application that allows engineering companies to capture engineering rules to then share with their organization. In this episode, Daniela dives into how Knowledge Bridge works — from the way it helps companies adapt to specific client needs and communicate more effectively to how it allows them to engineer products faster and access the platform from anywhere in the world. With more than 14 years of experience in engineering automation development, product and project management, and strategic planning of automation development, Daniela brings a fresh perspective to the manufacturing and engineering fields.