Weekly Wrap Up For March 10, 2023

Mike Babiak, Director of Supply Chain Technology Strategy talks about robotics in general, how it is part of the automation conversation, and ways they can be affordable for supply chain operations.

Energy Outlook – Small-Scale Nuclear Power

Rolls-Royce is evaluating potential sites in the UK, specifically England and Wales, for its Small Modular Reactor (SMR) nuclear power concept, which it claims can provide the nation with a net-zero-carbon option for energy independence. (Read More)


Green Aluminum; The Way of the Future?

As some know, aluminum comes originally from bauxite, an ore that contains aluminum hydroxide, silica, and iron ore. The first step in aluminum production is the formation of alumina, or aluminum oxide, from bauxite. It takes 4 to 5 tons of bauxite to produce 2 tons of alumina, then 2 tons of alumina to produce a ton of aluminum. World reserves of bauxite are estimated at some 30 billion tons, so we’re not likely to run out soon. Guinea, Vietnam, Australia, and Brazil, in that order, account for some 21 billion tons of reserves. (Read More)

Why Robotics Are Stuck in Neutral Without the Right Intelligent Human Labor Management Solution

Throughout the industrial world and across every continent, businesses are making significant investments in robotics and automation.  According to the McKinsey Global Industrial Robotics Survey, automated systems will account for 25% of capital spending over the next five years1.  Many of these businesses believe that robotics-driven automation systems will drive major benefits in output quality, efficiency, and uptime. (Read More)

On today’s episode of the Women And Manufacturing podcast, host Lydia Di Liello welcomes Helen Mitchell, Senior Director of Conferences and Events with The Professional Pricing Society in Atlanta, Georgia. Hellen and Lydia discuss how The Professional Pricing Society’s conferences and online courses offer tremendous value through actionable insights, new skill sets, and networking opportunities for new and seasoned business professionals from all industries.