Weekly Wrap Up For March 11th, 2022

Nancy LeMaster, Committee Cahir of the ISM’s Hospital Report on Business(R) indicates that elective procedures are increasing in hospitals, meaning that hospitals can provide care and beds for patients with conditions other than COVID. The industry remains cautiously optimistic that the pandemic is shifting to an epidemic, meaningless cases, and less serious cases.

Dr. Barry Sample Ph.D., senior director of science and technology, at Quest Diagnostics, and a board-certified forensic toxicologist discusses workplace drug use, how companies can test for it, how employees feel about it, and the decline in drug use at companies that do test for it.

Some of the biggest challenges through the last two years have been closely connected to issues in the supply chain. The playing field has definitely changed and here to help us better understand this, and share some insight into how we can build better systems, more suited to the current landscape is Lora Cecere. Lora is the Founder of Supply Chain Insights, through which she helps leaders take their supply chain teams to the next level! She is also the brains behind the blog ‘Supply Chain Shaman’, a thought-leader, strategist, and researcher. In our conversation with Lora today, we get some context and history from her, and how she worked her way up to founding her firm. She talks about her studies and the array of different companies she worked with before starting Supply Chain Insights. From there, Lora shares her thoughts on the important lessons we can learn from the recent instability and issues, and weighs in on how we can re-mold our new systems to better suit the needs of the industry. We discuss bringing AI and ML into the conversation around data, and why bidirectional orchestration can make such a big difference to how we interact with complex systems. To hear all this and more from a true expert in the field of supply chain, be sure to join us on Women and Manufacturing!