Weekly Wrap Up for March 22nd, 2019

Norbert Ore, Director of Industry Surveys for Strategas Research Partners, and Senior Correspondent with Manufacturing Talk Radio, joins hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady to discuss the Purchasing Manager’s Index reports around the globe and across the U.S.

Here’s What’s Happening In Manufacturing This Week

M1 TankPresident Donald J. Trump is Making Our Country More Secure by Rebuilding Our Military and Revitalizing American Manufacturing

“Our economy is the envy of the world, our military is the most powerful on earth, and America is winning each and every day.” – President Donald J. Trump (Read More)


In this episode noted auto industry expert Haig Stoddard talks to host Cliff Waldman about challenges shaping the U.S. motor vehicle subsector. After overviewing industry growth prospects, the interview turns to product innovation, with discussion of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Human capital challenges in the U.S. auto industry are considered, most notably the relative scarcity of engineers. Haig also addresses the auto demand implications of aging populations, falling birth rates, and millennial generation location decisions.

Ford doubles downFord Doubles Down On Electric Cars

For the second time in the last six months, Ford has increased its stake in an electric future. In a press release on Thursday, Ford announced that it would be “expanding its [battery electric vehicle] manufacturing footprint to its Flat Rock Assembly Plant in southeast Michigan. It will become the production home to vehicles from the company’s next-generation battery electric flexible architecture.” This new plant will join their new manufacturing facility in Mexico which will build Ford’s “Mustang-inspired” Mach 1 electric crossover. (Read More)

This week on WAM’s edition of “Full Time,” Amy Nicklaus sits down with fellow WAM host, Andrea Olson. Andrea is the CEO of Prag’madik, an operational strategy consultancy, and the Director of the Midwest Manufacturing Business Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of mid-market manufacturing in the US.

Cyber securityAluminum Manufacturer Norsk Hydro Crippled By Cyber Attack

Oslo, Norway-based aluminum manufacturing giant Norsk Hydro has confirmed that their facility has been severely disrupted by a ransomware attack. The statement read in part that Norsk Hydro had “became a victim of an extensive cyber-attack in the early hours of Tuesday (CET), impacting operations in several of the company’s business areas.” (Read More)