Weekly Wrap Up For March 24, 2023

Nick Iacovella, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications at the Coalition for a Prosperous America shares alarming information about how and where many generic prescription drugs are manufactured that can represent a danger to your health instead of an effective treatment.

Dr. Chris Kuehl, Managing Partner of Armada Corporate Intelligence, discusses the status of U.S. banks, what caused the Silicon Valley Bank failure, and the health of manufacturing in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Mike Babiak, Director of Supply Chain Technology Strategy talks about robotics in general, how it is part of the automation conversation, and ways they can be affordable for supply chain operations.

Perilla Deluca came to America with $100 in her pocket, a phenomenal work ethic and little else. Today she is a General Contractor and Owner of Southeast Constructors as well as the Founder of the Iowa School of Construction. Perilla joins Hazard Girls podcast host Emily Soloby for an incredible, inspiring interview, during which we learn about her path to success, her work ethic, the many barriers women face in the construction industry and how she overcame them all.